5 Signs You Need a Better Cleaning Service

5 Signs You Need a Better Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional cleaning service should make your life easier. However, not all cleaning services operate at the same standard of professionalism and cleaning quality. If you see these five signs that your current cleaning service isn't good enough, it's time for a change. When you hire the cleaning pros and MaidPro, you can feel confident that your home's cleaning needs are in professional hands.

1. Poor Timing

Your cleaning service should be able to clean your house when you need them to. This means having scheduling flexibility. You should be able to choose the day and time that works best for you. In addition, your cleaning service should arrive on time, every time. If your professional cleaner is not doing these things, they are not respecting your time as the client. At MaidPro, we work with homeowners to establish the best cleaning schedule for them. We then arrive on time, ready to work.

2. Outdated Equipment

The cleaning service you hire should have up-to-date equipment in good condition. That way, they can provide an effective cleaning service. If your cleaning service doesn't have the right equipment, it's broken, or outdated; then you need a better cleaning service. At MaidPro, we are committed to having the best. We take pride in outfitting our cleaners with the best equipment available. That way, our clients get the best clean possible in their homes.

3. Fast Not Thorough

While a fast cleaning service can initially sound appealing, this isn't necessarily good. A cleaner that moves through your home quickly is not paying attention to the details. A fast cleaner will miss things. The cleaners and MaidPro take the time necessary to clean your home thoroughly. We do this at each visit. This ensures cleaning consistency and thoroughness each time we visit.

4. Lack of Professionalism

Your cleaning service should be professional. This means dressing appropriately, being friendly, and respecting your personal items. If your cleaner isn't doing these things, they are not acting professionally. The cleaners at MaidPro pride themselves on being a service you can trust. We respect you and your home.

5. Doesn't Follow Instructions

Each home and homeowner is different. This means that no cleaning service is the same as another. Your cleaning service should know and understand this. If they routinely ignore your requests or special instructions, it is time to find a new service. When you hire the pros at MaidPro, we work with you to establish the cleaning service you need and want for your home. This could be an extra add-on service or instructions not to go in a specific room. Because we aim to have the same cleaner return to your home for each service, we can accommodate these special requests and ensure your instructions are followed.

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If you see signs that your cleaning service isn't good enough, it's time to make a change. Your home is your family's sanctuary; your cleaning service should respect that. When you hire MaidPro cleaning services, you can trust that your cleaner will arrive on time, be professional, and thoroughly clean your home.

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