5 Useful Holiday Gifts Everyone Will Love

5 Useful Holiday Gifts Everyone Will Love

5 Useful Holiday Gifts Everyone Will Love

Holiday gift-giving is an art, especially when you’re shopping for someone you barely know or, worse yet, someone who is extremely picky. How many times have you heard dad proudly proclaim, “I don’t want anything! I already have everything I need?”

Socks, specialty soaps, grilling gear, and Visa gift cards are “safe-ish” gifts, but they’re more utilitarian than thoughtful. So we put our heads together and came up with five holiday gifts that are not only thoughtful but have nearly universal appeal.

An Ancestry DNA Test. Some of us are lucky enough to know our DNA story – that is, what region of the world we come from and to whom we are related. But many of us only have a vague notion of what our family tree looks like. You can change that with the help of Ancestry.com’s DNA activation kit.

Here’s how it works: Activate the DNA kit online, submit a saliva sample in the prepaid package, and head to the post office. After that, the sample travels to Ancestry’s state-of-the-art-lab for testing.

Six weeks later, your gift recipient receives a report detailing their ethnicity, family roots, and digital access to a network of relatives.

This is a fun activity for the whole family. So don’t be surprised if your gift recipient opens the box straight away to submit a saliva sample!

Coffee, but not just any coffee. We can only use so many coffee mugs, but coffee? Well, that’s a different story. This holiday season, why not give your loved one Bean Box’s world coffee tour?

This gift package comes with 16 expertly curated coffees from all over the world. Try fruit-forward coffees from Africa, earthy blends from Indonesia, or chocolaty flavor notes from Latin America. There’s a coffee in there for everyone!

A camera that takes real pictures. Digital photos are amazing, but we’re still nostalgic for old school photos. You know, the kind you can touch and put into photo albums?

Believe it or not, companies still manufacture Polaroid-style cameras, and both younger and older generations love them. Fuji Film makes several Polaroid-style cameras, and they’re very affordable. It’s fun to open up the camera, pop in some film, and immediately start snapping photos to document the holidays.

Film cameras feel familiar to grandparents, and kids are completely baffled by it! What’s not to love?

A home service. We know a lot of folks out there who would enjoy having someone else do the shopping, mow the lawn, shovel the snow or clean the house from top to bottom like MaidPro does. But they’d never spend money to have someone else do what they can do for themselves.

That’s what makes a home service gift certificate so great! There’s a home service company out there for everyone. So why not let your loved one kick back and relax for a change and let someone else do the work while they relax?

A self-care day. Few of us truly take a day for ourselves, but it’s easy (sometimes even free!) to give your loved one the gift of self-care.

Maybe your loved one has children and could use a date night. Try making a date-night gift certificate and offer to watch the kids.

Massages and spa days are also perfect gifts, especially for the ladies. But there’s even something out there for dad. Many boutique barbershops will give dad a full shave, massage, haircut, and maybe even a glass of whiskey while he waits!

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