Clutter-free with Feng Shui

Clutter-free with Feng Shui

Clutter-free with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Asian art of aligning one’s environment in such a way that it brings about a positive change in one’s life.  An inactive or bad flow of energy can directly influence all people in the home causing fatigue, depression or irritability, thus affecting all aspects of their lives (i.e. family relations, career, health, etc.) Whether you practice feng shui or believe in the powerful effects of energy flow in your home, we can all agree that clutter can have a detrimental effect on one’s mood and well-being.  How do you get out of your funk and tackle this problem?  Below are some ways to harness ‘helping’ energy with feng shui:

1.  Open all windows and aerate the space to bring new, fresh energy.

2.  Get dressed in clothing that is practical, made of natural fibers and makes you feel good.

3.  Bring in fire elements (candles) for an additional boost of energy to yourself and the space you are working on.

4.  Put on some tunes you love and start small, focusing on just one area to give you a sense of accomplishment.

5.  Bring in items that represent flowing energy (i.e. feng shui fountains, chimes or plant) to attract more life energy back into the area.

6.  Finish the process before you tire and treat yourself to something nice when finished.

Whether you are using Feng Shui or not, remember that a clear space is essential to a clear mind!

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