Countdown To Thanksgiving Day!

Countdown To Thanksgiving Day!

Countdown To Thanksgiving Day!

We’re not going to pretend that pulling off Thanksgiving dinner is a cinch. But you can make your life easier by planning ahead, breaking big tasks into smaller parts, and by keeping a checklist of what you have left to do.

Use this T-Day Timeline to get a sense of what to do and when. You’ll be so organized that you may actually spend quality time with your family on Thanksgiving!

2 Weeks Prior

* Prepare the menu.

* Look up recipes and create your shopping list, including what cooking supplies and utensils that you will need.

* Raid cabinets for things that you may already have.

* Write a cooking timeline that shows which dishes or components of dishes can be cooked in advance.

* Determine what, if anything, guests are bringing.


1 Week Prior

* Clean out the refrigerator and freezer.

* Go shopping for everything except fresh produce, seafood and bread.


5 Days Prior

* Thaw your turkey in the refrigerator.


2 Days Prior

* Clean your home (or call MaidPro!)

* Brine your turkey.

* Wash table linens, dishes, silverware, etc.

* Confirm the final guest count.


1 Day Prior

* Shop for fresh produce, seafood and bread.

* Set the table, including bringing in extra chairs and table leaves.

* Prepare anything that can be done in advance, such as pre-chopping vegetables or making pie crusts.


Thanksgiving Day!

* Season, stuff and cook your bird.

* Make your side dishes.

* Reheat pre-cooked food right before the meal.

* Most importantly: eat, drink and enjoy!


Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at MaidPro!

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