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End of Chore Wars

Category: Cleaning Tips

Over the course of 21 years in business, we have had many customers tell us that MaidPro saved their relationships. (And here we were thinking we are just a home cleaning business!) In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, we explored the concept a little further and uncovered five ways in which a regular home cleaning service improves relationships.

More time to pursue personal passions.

Love to golf? Fish? Hike? Camp? Ski? Shop ’til you drop? When your personal passions consume large chunks of time and your significant other doesn’t share the same passions, resentment around household chores can build up rapidly. Either your partner ends up doing too much or you end up sacrificing your passions, and no one is really happy. Outsourcing home cleaning enables both of you to enjoy the free time you might choose to spend apart.

More energy to focus on fitness and health.

How many times have you or your partner skipped exercising or failed to prepare a healthy meal because you had neither the time nor the energy left over? The eight to ten hours a week you gain by outsourcing home cleaning gives both partners more than enough time – and energy -to focus on physical fitness and staying healthy for the long haul as a couple.
Alleviate big gaps in ‘dirt tolerance’.
Different people have different tolerances for clutter, dust and dirt in their homes. When partners in a relationship differ greatly on how much mess or grime is tolerable, the person with the lower tolerance almost always ends up doing more (and resenting it). If your own dirt tolerance is significantly higher than your partner’s, investing in a home cleaning service may be just what the relationship doctor orders.
Protect and increase mutual wealth.
Even when partners in a relationship keep separate bank accounts, their homes – and the possessions within – are usually mutual investments. Regular home cleaning services protect the value of those mutual investments while freeing up time for heavier-duty maintenance, yard work, and the kinds of do-it-yourself home improvement projects that continue to build mutual wealth over time.
More (stress-free) time to focus on each other.
Even when partners are pretty good about splitting home cleaning chores evenly, most of the tasks get performed alone, so it’s time spent not focusing on each other. Even when they do spend time together, cleaning or other tasks left undone can serve as constant distractions or stressors that prevent partners from focusing completely on each other. Just imagine how your romance might blossom when – at least one evening each week – you can depend on coming home to a perfectly clean, distraction- and stress-free home in which to really enjoy your partner’s company!