Favorite Fall Moments

Favorite Fall Moments

Favorite Fall Moments

Who doesn’t love Fall? Its rich, warm colors; cooler, drier air; and so many beloved scents, tastes, and seasonal activities. Before the winter holiday rush sets in, here are some classic fall favorites to discover and savor:

Festivals and fairs. Fall is the season for state fairs and festivals. If you don’t mind crowds and a bit of traffic, check out this Travel + Leisure guide to the best fall festival in every state.

Restaurant weeks. To keep tourists coming after Labor Day, Chambers of Commerce at popular summer resorts often organize restaurant weeks – where participating restaurants offer price-fixed menus. You can sample fantastic fare at discounted prices and find great bargains (and maybe a few holiday gifts) at surrounding retailers’ end-of-season sales.

Tailgates. You don’t have to be a pro football season ticket holder to enjoy a great fall day of al fresco cooking, eating, and socializing. Concerts, college events, sports tournaments, and other occasions all make great excuses for epic tailgates too.

Sunday dinners. Nothing says Fall like a lovely roast in the oven or a big pot of steaming soup, stew, or chili. Add family, friends, plenty of laughter, conversation, and maybe a fire pit for a perfect Fall mix.

Pumpkin everything! Pie. Bread. Muffins. Ravioli. Risotto. Pancakes. Coffee. You name it, it tastes better with pumpkin! Not only does pumpkin taste great, it has amazing health benefits, and there are even hundreds of recipes for roasting and spicing up the seeds after you carve up those creative Jack-o-Lanterns.

Apple picking, corn mazes, hayrides, and hauntings. Even if you don’t live in a region with pick-your-own apple orchards, real maple syrup, and/or cider donuts (yum!), if you drive far enough into the country in any state, you are bound to encounter an entrepreneurial farm offering post-harvest activities! Fun things you may run into are corn mazes, animal petting, hayrides, and ‘haunted’ barns or fields for fun nights of fright.

Yard and garden cleanup. Trimming, pruning, tilling, raking, and weeding all make for a great day of exercise, fresh air, and sunshine while it lasts. You’ll finish tired, hungry, and with a satisfying feeling of knowing everything is put neatly to bed and will be relatively tidy come spring.

With so many wonderful ways to relax and spending your precious free time in these fleeting Fall weeks, why not hire a PRO crew to take all the housecleaning off your hands? Get started on your estimate today!

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