How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

I have lived in my fair share of apartments around Boston, each with their own unique “charm”. What that really means is I have learned how to squelch any problems I inherited from previous tenants – call the landlord.

But what happens when your problem is so tiny, so minute, so miniscule, the landlord would laugh in your face? Google it. That’s what I found myself doing this weekend when I found the more notorious of the tiny problems buzzing around my apartment – a swarthy swarm of fruit flies!

While there are many remedies to the fruit fly problem, I found one that works like a charm. Here’s a fool proof method to get rid of the pesky creatures:

1.) Grab a wine glass.

2.) Fill it with a sweet liquid (I used a mixture of water, white wine and lemon zest) to attract the fruit flies.

3.) Take a piece of paper and tape it into a conical shape. Leave an opening at the tip of the cone about a quarter inch wide.

4.) Place the paper cone into the wine glass, being certain the tip does not touch the liquid.

5.) Wait.

I saw results after just an hour, but give it 24 hours. The fruit flies will be lured into the glass for a drink, but be unable to get out.

Over those 24 hours, take measures to ensure the little buggers don’t return. Empty out all the trash in the house, disinfect household surfaces and interiors, wash any dry any used dishes, and clean out your fridge.


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