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It’s about Time!

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At MaidPro, it’s about time. It’s our slogan. It’s under our logo. It’s on our office windows, for gosh sake! Our goal is not just to give our customers sparkling clean homes, but to give them back their time. What would you rather do, clean your home? Or…well, pretty much anything else?

So I started asking people around the office, what would you do if you had more time? Well, at first almost every single person responded with something they would do at work, but when people realized I meant their personal time (what a concept!), I got some great responses:

“I would go for walks in the woods and parks.” – Forrest “Dancing…I love to dance, but my calendar never seems to allot me the time to go. I’m good at making time for my family, so it’s usually my hobbies that suffer.” – Melissa“Write. Practice Guitar. Exercise. All stuff I mean to do now and hardly ever get to.” – Brian“Travel – anywhere and everywhere” – Ken“Play the drums or go rock climbing.” – Teo“Go to Spain.” – Richard“Start a basketball team and go back to school” – Corey (that’s me)“Eat more marshmallows, practice alchemy, make the world’s largest and fluffiest pancake.”* – Jeff“Sleep.” – Jane (mother of a six month old boy and a three year old girl, in case you couldn’t guess)“I would spend more time with my family and friends. Usually the weekends fill up before Friday so I don’t get to see as many people as I would like to.” – James“Take a class on Buddhism and the Civil War, grab a glass of wine with girlfriends, and go to the gym.” – Ames“Bicycle…to Michigan.” – Mike “Take a ballet class.” – Alex“I need more time to read the books I want to read, spend time with my friends, and, honestly, go back to school.” – Jessika“Something outdoors like biking or hiking.” – Deanna“I would most likely break up the week and use the extra time each day differently: I would sleep more for 2-3 days of the week, watch more TV a couple of days and take longer 3-day weekend getaways.” – Chuck“Go to more baseball games and coach more games.” – Mark M.

Why don’t we make time for all of the things we want to do? Are our aspirations simply unattainable, or are we prioritizing the things we could do for that which is most important right now? What would you do if you had more free time in your day?

I challenge all of you to do something for you. Write in and tell me what you did, and more importantly, what you didn’tdo to make time to pursue your interests! Right now, I’m going home to do just that.

*For the record, before the pancakes and marshmallows, Jeff said he would spend more time with his family.