MaidPro Announces New Director of Marketing & Sales

MaidPro Announces New Director of Marketing & Sales

We are happy to announce James Doyle as MaidPro’s Director of Marketing and Sales! He has been working with us since 2005 as the Marketing Manager, and his experience and data driven approach will be instrumental in refining our marketing and sales strategies.

Richard Sparacio, President of MaidPro, call James a “talented and bright marketing professional that will bring MaidPro’s brand to another level and differentiate MaidPro within our market.

What are James’ thoughts about MaidPro? He thinks MaidPro is a great company and a great brand, and he wants as many people to know that as possible. “MaidPro strives to bring value to our customer from the first marketing touch, through the sales process and throughout their customer lifetime”, he says. James plans to improve the MaidPro customer experience by tightening the company’s marketing and sales operations. Part of this process will include furthering the research of MaidPro’s target customers to tailor the company’s strategy to them.

We are all excited to see James grow the MaidPro brand to further success!

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