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MaidPro in Boston Tests Green Prowess

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MaidPro Boston, the original MaidPro store that opened in 1991, set forth goals in December 2008 to be a healthier, greener company.  After six months, we did an evaluation of their efforts to strengthen their commitment to the environment. Jeff Wechsler, Director of Research and Development, says “Given the things MaidPro Boston improved, they are 75-80 percent green, but there is always room for growth.” MaidPro measures its improvement constantly, continually striving for a well-rounded, environmentally friendly company.

Richard Sparacio, MaidPro’s President and co-founder, states “MaidPro’s commitment to being respectful of the earth’s resources is not new; it’s how we’ve always done business. I consider MaidPro Boston’s improvement a success.”

What are the things that make MaidPro Boston green? MaidPro Boston provides estimates over the phone, so no gas is wasted traveling to do in-home estimates. They also encourage employees to use public transportation to get from job to job, which is a big advantage in the Boston area. When they can’t use the MBTA, the company uses Green Routing to optimize routes from home to home.

There are a number of other ways that MaidPro is green, which you can find at www.maidpro.com/green. This website gives a detailed explanation of its commitment to the environment through a 49-Point Green Checklist.