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The Future of Franchising?

Category: News

I was tweeting today (I wonder if Merriam Webster will add ‘tweeting’ to the dictionary at some point) and saw a tweet from FranchiseKing telling franchise owners to take their child to work tomorrow. This led to his blog where he suggests this is the future of franchising – planting the entrepreneurial seed in your child from an early age.

I remember going to work with my mother on these days when I was young. She worked in marketing and advertising for much of her career, and I remember going on the set of a commercial shoot and goofing around on the green screen. Somewhere there is a video of me flying through the sky which, at that age, blew my mind! But looking back, much of my life was “Take your Child to Work Day” since my mother had the entrepreneurial spirit, and started several businesses, including franchised businesses. This meant I got to see her at home making sales calls, help her paint her office walls, and put together IKEA desks with her. And isn’t that what is great about franchising and entrepreneurship? Business owners don’t have to separate work from their family life – every day can be take your child to work day, and maybe you will end up planting the entrepreneurial seed in them while you’re at it.