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Mar. 27, 03

Getting a professional to clean up after you

Getting a professional to clean up after you

Boston metro • March 27th, 2003

Over the past 10 years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of families who have sought professional help with their household chores.

Spare time has become such a valuable commodity that many people feel it's worth the money to contract out the dusting, vacuuming and even the windows.

According to Cleaning Unlimited's Edgar Builes, his staff "will do everything from top to bottom, make beds, clean kitchen stoves, inside ovens and even refrigerators; anything the customer wants." Each job is client specific. Either Builes or his partner, Gregory Iavelo, will "go to your house, look around, see how neat or how messy you are, find out what you want and go from there."

Whether it's daily cleaning or a one-time special, there's a service out there for you. Both Builes and MaidPro's Roy Ribas encourage people to go with a reputable company whose cleaners are bonded and insured.

Ribas contends that with a big company, "there's a visible presence in the community. If something happens or if you're not satisfied, you have more than just the phone number of an independent cleaner to fall back on."

Both companies base their reputation on the satisfaction of their clients. "Checking references is the most important thing to do," said Builes. "Go with somebody who is highly recommended. We're successful because of our reputation."

Ribas believes that another advantage of going with a large company is convenience. MaidPro offers the option of paying with credit cards and has a large staff available.

"If your independent is sick or on vacation, you're out of luck. With us, we'll just send a temporary replacement."

The bigger companies hardly have a monopoly however. There are many independent cleaners with thriving businesses and satisfied clients.

Whatever you choose, your local realtor can be a good source of referrals. you won't be there with them, so know who is in your home.

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