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People love us. But don’t take our word for it, read what our house cleaning customers have to say.

I've waited a long time to feel like I 'deserved' someone else to clean my house. Still not sure I deserve it, but man oh man, do I love it! smile emoticon I left the house while they were cleaning; was afraid I would be uncomfortable watching someon...

Marcie G Decatur, AL

Ceaira did a fantastic job! We would love to have her take care of our regular cleanings!!!

David H Athens, AL

Shawnee did a great job as always!! Thank you Maidpro for the consistent cleanings as you promised!!!

marla L Decatur, AL

Dana did a great job and we are enjoying her cleaning for us. I must apologize for slowing her down talking to her, she was just so sweet!!!

Melba H Decatur, AL

Very good clean! Thank you Maidpro!!

Krist H Hartselle, AL

My wife was even happy with the cleaning job!! Thank you Maidpro!! She is pretty tough to impress and you did it!!!

Denise T Decatur, AL

I really like Brandy and she always does a great job!!

Carol S Athens, AL

Valerie always does a great job!! Thanks MaidPro for keeping things so reliable and consistent!!

Pam H Hartselle, AL

Michelle and Sheree at Maidpro work very hard!! I love that they stay busy working and are never on their phones!!! They keep our cleaning top priority while they are here! Thanks MaidPro for the professional cleaners you send each time!

Sonnie C Decatur, AL

Jennifer always does an awesome job!

Franny G Decatur, AL

This was just my second clean and I have been very pleased both times.

becky O Decatur, AL

Michelle was sick today but she still did an excellent job!

joyce A Decatur, AL

The house looked awesome and the kids loved the toilet paper and the papertowel designs!!! How Cute and such a sweet personal touch ladies!! Thanks!

B. Smith Priceville, AL

This was the best clean I have ever had with a cleaning service! Thank you MaidPro

Diane L Decatur, AL

Brittany and her cleaning partner did an excellent job! I love all the little extra touches she does, like helping me drape my Christmas afghans in the living room so the designs showed. I love Maidpro!

Kathy O Decatur, AL

Everything looked very good!!

Hillary B Athens, AL

Ceiara and Brandy did a fantastic job!

Kristi H Hartselle, AL

Great service! Thank-you!!

Shannon G Priceville, AL

Michelle done a wonderful usual!!

Katherine C Decatur, AL

Emily done a great job in my home today!

Sandra C Decatur, AL

Shawnee does a good job!

Connie E Hartselle, AL

This was a very good clean! They both just jump right in and do whatever I asked them to do!!

Pamela H Hartselle, AL

Everything looked great!

Phillip M Decatur, AL

MaidPro always provides us with excellent service. I always look forward to my regularly scheduled cleanings. Thanks for all your great help!

Christina Decatur, AL

The clean was phenomenal! It was a great experience and I will definitely be calling again!

nancy C Decatur, AL

Everything looked good!

Kaity F Decatur, AL

I thought the cleaning crew did a great job!

Christie C Decatur, AL

All cleans have been Perfect! Jennifer does a great job!

Dustin C Decatur, AL

So happy with the clean! Everyone at MaidPro has been so nice and great!

Ronald D Hartselle, AL

Very happy with the cleans!

Patty H Athens, AL

Very happy with clean and look forward to next time!

Christine D Decatur, AL

The girls did a great job!! Thanks!

Gina S Decatur, AL

I have a much cleaner house! Thanks so much!

Dale H Athens, AL

Happy with everything!!!

Linda B Athens, AL

Wow! My house was seriously clean!! It looked great! Thanks!

Brandon S Decatur, AL

Cleans have been great!!!

Julie J Moulton, AL

Britt did an excellent job!

Maryann M Decatur, AL

Jennifer did a great job and has a wonderful work ethic!

Darleene R Decatur, AL

Brandy and Brittany did an outstanding job!

Robert J Athens, AL

Michelle did an excellent job on my clean! Thank you so much Michelle!

Bobbie S Decatur, AL

Brittany does a fantastic job. She does those extra little special touches. I laid out some different pillowcases with the sheets, and she found the two that had matching embroidery and put those on the top pillows. She is always friendly and very pr...

Kathy G Decatur, AL

The house looked and smelled great! Everything was very clean and we were happy!!

Hilda W Athens, AL

I have told everyone about my wonderful service! I was wondering about windows.... Is it additional cost to have the glass of windows cleaned? If so I would like a quote. The girls (Brittany G and Tequilla) did a fantastic job and the managers and st...

Robin C Moulton, AL

Danielle always does a great job in our home! We just love her so much, she's like part of the family!

Pat R Decatur, AL

Chasity and Daniel were an excellent team! They work great together, did not take any shortcuts!! Dynamic Duo!!

Jean Decatur, AL

Rachel did a very thorough job! Even though my air upstairs was turned off, she still did not complain.. we WILL remember to make sure its cooled off next time... THANKS RACHEL!!

Barbara Priceville, AL

Sheena and Chasity did a fantastic job cleaning my home today!

Gibson Hartselle, AL