Terms of Service/Policies


In your busy life, we understand that things come up suddenly. So, if it is necessary to cancel or skip your scheduled service, MaidPro merely requires a two business day notice. If MaidPro receives less than two business days' notice, or if we can not access your home, it will be necessary to charge you the full price of your cleaning. All future cleanings will remain unchanged.

  • Schedule or service changes may not be made through PROs. Please contact your local office directly for schedule changes.
  • Termination of regularly scheduled cleanings must be in writing or by email.
  • Recurring service is priced at a discounted rate. Should you choose to cancel recurring service after only one cleaning, please note that our regular One-Time Cleaning charges will apply.


You have a couple of options for providing MaidPro access to your home:

  • The most preferred and convenient method: you may leave a key to your residence with MaidPro. Your key will be kept safe and secure in our key safe. All keys are coded for security and will never have your name or address attached to them. If you have an alarm system, please give access instructions to your MaidPro office.
    • For your safety, we do not return keys by mail. We ask that customers come to their MaidPro office and present a picture ID before a key will be released.
  • If it is not possible to leave a key with MaidPro, you may meet the PRO(s) at your residence. Please refer to the Cancellation Policy should MaidPro be unable to access your home during the preset arrival window.
  • If neither of the above is possible, please make alternate arrangements with your local MaidPro office.


  • MaidPro gladly accepts MasterCard, Visa, cash, or check.
  • Full payment is due at the time of your cleaning.
  • A credit card number must be kept on file with your MaidPro office. Your account will be charged the balance due, plus any fees, after each cleaning unless you leave an alternate form of payment at time of service.
  • A $25 fee will be charged for each returned check.


Recurring cleanings are scheduled according to our 49-Point Checklist™ and priorities discussed when defining your service. One-Time Cleanings are scheduled as standard blocks of time. Every effort will be made to complete your service within the time allocated. Please note that it will take a few cleanings to confirm your ongoing maintenance needs. We ask for your patience while we learn how to best clean your home and assure you that we will move from deep cleaning into maintenance cleaning as quickly as possible.

We strive to have the same staff members clean your home or office on a regular basis, however, this is not guaranteed. Due to vacation, illness, or departure from the company, MaidPro may occasionally provide a replacement cleaning PRO.

If, due to the unique nature of your home, your PROs are unable to complete your cleaning within the amount of time requested, we may call you to ask for authorization to spend more time cleaning your home. We will inform you of additional costs accordingly before proceeding with the work.

Arrival Windows

To ensure quality service for all valued clients, MaidPro cannot specify exact arrival times. Arrival windows allow our cleaning PROs to handle all the variables of each day and each home without affecting the promises we make to you.

  • PRO(s) will arrive within the following timeframes:
    • When we have a key to the home, our arrival window is between 8am and 4pm.
    • When we are meeting someone at the home, we will set a four-hour arrival window between the hours of 8am and 4pm.

In-Home Time (Cleaning Hours)

Generally, our PROs work in teams of one or two. Please note that, when more than one person is assigned, the quoted time required to complete the job, which was given in cleaning hours, is reduced. For example, if you were scheduled for a five cleaning-hour service and two PROs are assigned, the total in-home cleaning time is two and one-half hours.


If your scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday that MaidPro observes, we will contact you to reschedule your cleaning.


Since cleaning is a very personalized and subjective service, we need your feedback to help us improve our service. Please take a moment to visit maidpro.com/feedback to offer your comments. We value your opinions and your feedback is essential for us to serve you better.

24-Hour Guarantee

Since cleaning is a very personal and human service, we realize that occasionally an area may not be cleaned to your satisfaction. We are unable to offer a refund, but MaidPro will happily re-clean any area that you are not satisfied with. Just let us know of any issues or concerns within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will do our best to make it right.


MaidPro never requires you to tip, but it is a powerful way to say thanks to your cleaning PRO. Even a personal note from you expressing your appreciation for their service can mean a great deal.


MaidPro is bonded and insured. Our liability limits are set at a maximum of 10 times the cost of the service charge on the day in which the breakage/loss occurred. Notification must be made within 48 hours of service. Key replacement/locksmith fees are paid only if keys are lost or miscoded. There is a $100 per location liability limit for key replacement and/or locksmith services.


MaidPro uses high-quality, tested, and approved cleaning supplies, including a professional-strength vacuum cleaner with an extra-strong filter, to clean your home. However, if you own special products that you would like to have used on particular surfaces, we are happy to accommodate your request. Please contact our office to discuss prior to your cleaning so we might provide instructions to your PRO.

MaidPro's 49-Point Checklist:

MaidPro's 49-Point Checklist™ is all about you: your home, your service, your priorities. We work with our weekly, bi-weekly and monthly clients to ensure that your "hot spots" are cleaned to your satisfaction. We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting, and on every cleaning, we'll make sure that those areas shine. The rest of your service is up to you: pick the living areas on which you want us to focus first and we'll work through all areas of your home according to your priority.

  • Please see www.maidpro.com for more detail about our checklist, and contact your local MaidPro office to discuss personalizing your service. Services such as carpet cleaning, and cleaning inside refrigerators or ovens may be available at an additional charge; please contact MaidPro for pricing and availability

Referral Fee

Should you wish to hire a present or past MaidPro staff member for any home-related service outside of your agreement with MaidPro, our referral fee is $2,500. This fee is due within 30 days of notification from MaidPro. If the fee is not paid, MaidPro reserves the right to pursue other methods of collection.

Each MaidPro office is proudly independently owned and operated. Thank you for allowing us to clean your home!

Please Note: Schedules are based upon the best available information at time of agreement and schedules are subject to change.

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