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Customers love MaidPro Tulsa

  • Marias team was unbelievably awesome!!!!! They helped me reorganise and downsize.... Maid Pro is above all others..... Thank you Maria...... You are the best!!!!

    Ginger Walker Tulsa, OK

  • MaidPro did a fabulous deep cleaning at my house-what did they use to clean the floors in the kitchen and the hall tile? it was shining when they left.

    C.G. Tulsa, OK

  • These girls were AMAZING!!! They went way and above, and I am so thankful! I appreciate being able to have my husband come home to a clean home!

    A.M Tulsa, OK

  • I have never had my house cleaned better! Top notch service! The lady that cleaned our home was incredible! Im recommending this company to friends & clients.

    M.G. Tulsa, OK

  • Very nice work today ladies! Wish it could stay as clean and shiny as this! Thank you!

    P.S Broken Arrow, OK

  • Imelda is very thorough and does a good job. Thank you!

    R.S Tulsa, OK

  • Thank you again, MaidPro, for sending TWO excellent workers EARLY today!!! When I returned home at 11:20 am My home was sparkling clean!!!

    B.B Broken Arrow, OK

  • We are very appreciative that Maria comes to our home. She seems like part of our family and she does an excellent job for us in all aspects of her responsibilities. Not only does she do a great job, we trust her completely! Thank you, Maria and than...

    D.D Tulsa, OK

  • I can't be more pleased with the job that Maria does on my house. She is pleasant while she works. Even my dog seems to like her.

    R.L Tulsa, OK

  • Francine was exceptional! Friendly and efficient. She performed a couple of extra small tasks. Before leaving, she asked if there was anything else she could do. There wasn't, but I appreciated the question. She's a great asset for MaidPro.

    R.K. Tulsa, OK

  • Jacky did he usual fine job. She is very pleasant and works hard.

    D.N. Tulsa, OK

  • Judith is a doll. I love my Wednesday.

    B.A. Tulsa, OK

  • I am VERY happy with the work and politeness that Maria gives.

    L.R. Tulsa, OK

  • This was the best service we ever had . Great attention to detail and thorough cleaning.

    J.T. Tulsa, OK

  • Elu is always so professional and so friendly!! I also appreciate the extra attention she took remaking my bed. It was a mess, and it looked like I was staying in a resort when I made it down last night! Thank you for always providing wonderful servi...

    K.B. Tulsa, OK

  • Imelda and Carla are great. They always make sure things are done right and take pride in their work.

    D.P. Broken Arrow, OK

  • Thank you Evelyn for another amazing job!

    S.M. Tulsa, OK

  • Maria does a superb job. She works from the time she arrives, till she leaves. I am very happy with the job she does.

    R.L. Tulsa, OK

  • I was pleasantly surprised and impressed and the experience FAR exceeded my expectations. The women who arrived were professional, efficient, thorough, and expedient without failing to do an amazing job. I will definitely recommend MaidPro to everyon...

    T.P. Tulsa, OK

  • I am so grateful for the help keeping my home clean and in order. Thank you for providing such reliable and consistent service. I appreciate it.

    C.B. Owasso, OK

  • Maria did an excellent job! The folded and straightened my clothes and I did not expect them to do that. The house looked beautiful

    M.C. Bixby, OK

  • I was quite impressed with the quality of Maidpro's move out services! The team were very efficient and worked diligently to ensure everything was sparkling clean within the allotted time. I was hesitant to hire cleaning services for fear I would be...

    K.T. Broken Arrow, OK

  • Thank you! And thanks for a great cleaning crew! Daniel and Maria did a great job! I'm going to recommend you to my friends!

    S.N. Bixby, OK

  • My mother was extremely happy with the cleaning today and said everything was done to perfection. Thank you.

    L.L. Tulsa, OK

  • Maria is absolutely a blessing, spotless house. She takes great pride in her work.

    T.W. Tulsa, OK

  • Amazing job! It looks fantastic!! I appreciate all the hard work. I have left a review on Google and I will be sure to recommend MaidPro to my friends and family.

    C.F. Tulsa, OK

  • Maria is the most professional lady in every way. She does her job with passion and excellence.

    T.W. Tulsa, OK

  • Lisandra was new to our home. She did a great job, and she was very nice.

    P.H. Tulsa, OK

  • Daniel was very efficient, and he did a great job!

    P.H. Tulsa, OK

  • I have recommended you and will continue to do so. I love my monthly service!

    B.B. Broken Arrow, OK

  • They did a fantastic job in our house!!

    J.H. Broken Arrow, OK

  • Very pleased. They are always cheerful and professional and do such a good job.

    J.K. Tulsa, OK

  • Came home to a perfectly clean house today! We love Fany and your entire team. Thank you!

    L.G. Tulsa, OK

  • As far as I'm concerned Elu is on "Team Wade!" She is wonderful and I appreciate the job she does so much.

    C.W. Bixby, OK

  • Maria is always faithful and never is bothered if I have some project going on that she has to work around. She is always pleasant and positive. And a very good and detailed cleaner!

    P.P. Tulsa, OK

  • Christmas is coming too much to do, not enough sleep. One thing I did not have to worry about was cleaning the house. Thank you Maid Pro.

    J.S. Tulsa, OK

  • Rosa and Virginia were amazing! I am so happy with there work! I will definitely use maid pros again!

    M.T. Tulsa, OK

  • We feel very fortunate to have found MaidPro - especially Elu!! We couldn't be more pleased with her service and professionalism! Thank you!!

    K.B. Tulsa, OK

  • She was amazing! I feel like my house is brand new again! Thank you

    S.R. Tulsa, OK

  • The ladies did a GREAT job at our house. My spouse was very pleased with the two women, their friendly and helpful attitude, and the work they performed. Thank you.

    J.R. Tulsa, OK

  • These women did a remarkable job, among boxes, clothes, etc. Thanks so much!

    B.D. Tulsa, OK

  • I love Delia and Maria! They are very hard workers. I always know if they are here, my house will be really CLEAN!

    S.P. Tulsa, OK

  • Great job girls! Thanksgiving was a stress free day because of you guys! Forever grateful!

    J.R. Jenks, OK

  • These ladies worked so hard to mak my home shine. They were so kind and so efficient. They saved me hours of work I simply didn't have time for. So grateful for getting me in at last minute and working around me and my family. Thank you, thank you, t...

    T.M. Broken Arrow, OK

  • Unlike other cleaning companies I have used, Maid-Pro provides a consistently good cleaning service. Other companies' service gets a little sloppy with time. Thank you for provide excellent service for over three years.

    D.G. Lees Summit, MO

  • Good as usual. We are very pleased with Jackie.

    D.N. Tulsa, OK

  • Best deep cleaning I've ever had. Thank you so much for the hard work! It made my day.

    S.M. Tulsa, OK

  • Another fabulous job by Elu!!! Thank you!

    K.B. Tulsa, OK

  • Besides cleaning so well, Jackie always arrive at approximately the same time. We appreciate that.

    D.N. Tulsa, OK

  • Thanks for getting to us so quickly. We appreciate your company and the cleaner that was here.

    B.H. Sand Springs, OK

  • Maria did very well, a great job today. My wife was very excited for the help and the level of service and attention to detail.

    C.M. Tulsa, OK

  • Elu has always left the house looking well cared for. Was happy to recommend her service to friends.

    T.L. Tulsa, OK

  • I'm very pleased with the service. My counter tops are shinier than they have ever been. Thank you.

    B.B. Broken Arrow, OK

  • They did a nice job getting all the dust and hair cleaned up. My Apartment is clean!

    M.P. Tulsa, OK

  • They were extremely nice and did a very good job!! Very impressed!!

    T.T. Tulsa, OK

  • Jackie did a very good job. We were very pleased.

    D.N. Tulsa, OK

  • I'm not sure, but I think Elu even stepped it up a notch with this month's cleaning! She always does an excellent job, but I was especially pleased with her work this month! We so appreciate Elu and MaidPro! Thank you!!

    K.B. Tulsa, OK

  • Very pleasant. Excellent job. Well done.

    C.R. Tulsa, OK

  • Yesenia did an excellent job today. So nice to come home to a fresh, clean house. Thank you, Yesenia!!!!

    G.W. Tulsa, OK

  • My house smelled so clean! I'm so thankful for the hardwork of MaidPro.

    A.T. Bixby, OK

  • The girls that clean my house are amazing! Thank You!

    T.M. Owasso, OK

  • Fany S. did a great job today. Everything looked clean and shiny.

    J.S. Tulsa, OK

  • Another great Job. Very happy with my cleaning.

    R.T. Tulsa, OK

  • Jacky did a really fine job. I am happy with her work.

    D.D. Tulsa, OK

  • The house looks fantastic !!! I would love to have the two women clean again!!! They did a great job!!! Thank you!!!

    M.A. Tulsa, OK

  • Fany does such a great job with the house. We appreciate her hard work.

    D.D. Tulsa, OK

  • Elu is wonderful!! She really worked miracles in a challenging house where we still have workman, etc. Thank you, thank you! We really appreciate the great work of your company!

    K.B. Tulsa, OK

  • I am rehabing a friend with a recent knee replacement. My house was not its orderly self. I hoped that my MaidPro lady would be able to vacumn and mop. Even that would be daunting. My house turned out amazing. She even made the bed. So much more than...

    S.C. Tulsa, OK

  • Very professional!!! I loved my cleaning.

    J.C. Bixby, OK

  • Natalie does really good work and she is always pleasant- thank you

    P.S. Broken Arrow, OK

  • Natali is wonderful! We absolutely love the way she cleans our house! Highly recommend her.

    R.E. Jenks, OK

  • After having a surgery, Maria really worked hard to do all the little extras to help me while I recovered. Thank you, Maria!

    P.P. Tulsa, OK

  • Very happy with initial impressions. I think the house looks great. The floors, appliances and bathrooms are in excellent condition.

    R.P. Tulsa, OK

  • The two ladies did a great job and worked really hard to make sure everything was done correctly.

    S.C. Tulsa, OK

  • The two ladies did a fantastic job. They were friendly and extremely hard working

    M.C. Owasso, OK

  • Jessica did a great job last week, even as we came home early and got in her way. Love her positive attitude, very nice clean! Thank you!

    M.M. Kansas City, OK

  • Our house literally sparkled after it was cleaned on Friday. Thank you so much!

    M.M. Tulsa, OK

  • Maria & Delia did a fantastic job!!! They always do!!

    T.M. Owasso, OK

  • Great work!

    S.C. Tulsa, OK

  • Thank you so much for a beautiful clean home to come too!

    D.B. Broken Arrow, OK

  • Thank you so much for helping me keep up with the housework. It's wonderful to walk in the door at the end of the day and see that I don't have several hours of cleaning yet to do after my regular job. Yay!

    C.S. Owasso, OK

  • Maria is very detailed & delightful

    T.W. Tulsa, OK

  • It was really nice to come home to a clean house.

    J.S. Tulsa, MO

  • Your staff was friendly and motivated. Thank you for your help. They did a great job.

    B.W. Tulsa, OK

  • What a beautiful job thank you so much for such a great job.

    R.T. Tulsa, OK

  • I was really impressed with my first cleaning! Thank you so much; it was a real treat to walk into a TRULY deep-cleaned home after a long day!

    S.M. Tulsa, OK

  • Extremely happy with my clean as always!

    S.S. Kansas City, OK

  • Fantastic Job!!

    M.I. Tulsa, OK

  • Great job thank you guys so much!

    T.B. Tulsa, OK

  • They did not miss a thing. Very quality work and I'm so happy.

    J.N. Tulsa, OK

  • The team did a fantastic job today!

    J.R. Tulsa, OK

  • Veronica had such a good work ethic and doesn't cut corners.

    T.E. Tulsa, OH

  • Getting great service as I always have!!!

    B.L. Tulsa, OK

  • Claudia did a great job and I'm very glad.

    P.H. Tulsa, OK

  • We had Maria and Delia and they did a wonderful job. Will definitely use you again! Thanks for a job well done!

    R.S. Tulsa, OK

  • Natalie did a super job. I am pleased with her attention to detail . She is conscientious and pleasant.

    P.S. Broken Arrow, OK

  • The ladies did a fabulous job!!

    M.M. Broken Arrow, OK

  • Always punctual; always a great job. We appreciate the care given to our home. Thank you.

    D.D. Tulsa, OK

  • My house looked marvelous! Great job!!

    J.R. Jenks, OK

  • Our cleaner today did amazing!! My house looked so nice when I came home.

    J.R. Tulsa, OK

  • Elu is a consummate professional! I so appreciate the excellent job she does cleaning my home! Thank you!!

    K.B. Tulsa, OK

  • I purchased your service for my sister, who is recovering from surgery. She could not have spoken more highly of the quality of the work performed and the friendliness and diligence of the individual who performed the work. Thank You.

    M.N. Tulsa, OK

  • Great cleaning. I was thoroughly impressed! Would definitely use again!

    J.C. Tulsa, OK

  • Thank you very much for all your help, the bathrooms looked absolutely wonderful, they did a terrific job.

    S.C. Catoosa, OK

  • They did a wonderful job.

    T.M. Jenks, OK

  • Impressed, they came in and went right to work and never stopped until the job was done, thank you.

    J.B. Tulsa, OK

  • As a business owner myself, I just wanted to let the Maidpro owners know how very happy we are with the service!

    B.S. Tulsa, OK

  • Janeth did a great job. The house looked beautiful!

    M.C. Bixby, OK

  • Carolina and Elu did a thorough job. I am super pleased with your service! Thank you!!

    C.S. Owasso, OK

  • They did an amazing job. Quick and thorough. Couldn't be more pleased with the service. Thanks.

    G.R. Owasso, OK

  • Mercedes and Sonya did a fantastic job! They both kept very busy, and finished the cleaning very quickly. Thanks for sending such very nice ladies.

    R.M. Tulsa, OK

  • Thank you again. Our house was spotless and smelled great.

    S.A. Owasso, OK

  • Very happy with the girls that cleaned my house... great job!!

    T.M. Owasso, OK

  • Carla & her Mom are the very best!!

    J.G. Tulsa, OK

  • I was extremely happy with my first cleaning here in my apartment.. Maria did an outstanding job.

    B.C Tulsa, OK

  • Sandy did a wonderful job! Thank you

    S.W. Tulsa, OK

  • Excellent as always! :)

    K.M. Owasso, OK

  • Wow... just WOW!! You guys are awesome! Each time I think that you guys cannot do a better job... you do! Thank you so much for the effort and attention you put into your work.

    T.R. Tulsa, OK

  • I'm very happy with the services.

    S.B. Tulsa, OK

  • These ladies are kind and considerate and they don't mess around. They do their job with attention to detail! Like the Kleenex box! And they like Emma, my dog!

    M.G. Bixby, OK

  • Beautiful job as always!!

    Tulsa Tulsa, OK

  • I was pleased with the work Wendy and her mother did today. Especially the tub and the kitchen were done very well. They were very pleasant and efficient.

    P.S. Broken Arrow, OK

  • Claudia did an amazing job. Thank you so much!

    T.J.W. Jenks, OK

  • Sandy was very professional, and went above and beyond my expectations!

    C.W. Sand Springs, OK

  • Once again, Elu did a terrific job! The house looks super!! Thank You!!

    K.B. Tulsa, OK

  • Thank you for going above and beyond!!!!!! My house needed it !!!!!

    R.P Tulsa, OK

  • Claudia and Maria are professional and such very nice ladies! They made sure everything in my home was clean and orderly! I layed out bedding in my fathers room and before I knew it. It was made and clean! Hip hip hooray for these ladies! P.S....I ga...

    M.G. Bixby, OK

  • I was very satisfied with my initial cleaning and am already looking forward to the next visit! Thank you!

    J.F. Tulsa, OK

  • My house always looks great when Mercedes cleans it. I am glad to have her!!

    P.H. Tulsa, OK

  • Claudia worked her magic once again!!

    H.L. Sapulpa, OK

  • Polite, timely and thorough!!

    K.A. Tulsa, OK

  • Maria and Delia did a great job! I got home and my house looked and smelled so clean!!

    T.N. Owasso, OK

  • Very pleased with my service today. Thank You Maria and Delia.

    M.B. Broken Arrow, OK

  • I was very impressed with the attention to details in the cleaning of our home. Wendy and Ondina worked non-stop and completed all cleaning as requested. The team was very professional and I would highly recommend Maidpro.

    M.L. Broken Arrow, OK

  • Elvira was so wonderful!! Very sweet, professional, and diligent. Thank You!!

    K.M. Owasso, OK

  • Paula does an excellent job. Thank you.

    L.W Tulsa, OK

  • Veronica did an astounding job! It was so nice to come home to a spotless house. I know that it was quite a large task, and I appreciate everything she did. I will most certainly pass it on about the efficiency and thoroughness of her/your company. A...

    D.P Owasso, OK

  • Love Carla and her mother!

    G.F Broken Arrow, OK

  • I was surprised when Sonya came with Mercedes. They worked wonderfully with each other. I think, also, it made it less lonesome for Mercedes. Everything looks great. Thanks for hiring such good young ladies to help me with my housework.

    R.M Tulsa, OK

  • She did a wonderful job. My house was a dusty mess and she cleaned it up wonderfully. Thank you

    K.F Tulsa, OK

  • Mercedes does an excellent job! I highly recommend her service!

    L.B Tulsa, OK

  • Great job as always. Thanks again. Merry Christmas to everyone at MaidPro!

    D.B Tulsa, OK

  • Mercedes always does a wonderful job. I'm glad she is the one who comes to help me with my housework.

    R.M Tulsa, OK

  • The two ladies that cleaned my house were very nice and thorough.

    E. C Tulsa, OK

  • Great Job! Thank you!

    R.P Broken Arrow, OK

  • Today an exceptionally good job was done. We really appreciate it.

    S.N Owasso, OK

  • Very Pleased!

    N.F Broken Arrow, OK

  • Love having Karla and her mom here!

    G.F Broken Arrow, OK

  • Great job as always. Very very happy!!

    J.J Broken Arrow, OK

  • Everything is great. They even took out my trash. We had a birthday party this weekend and had trash bags waiting for an empty can after pick up and it was all removed ;)

    E.G Tulsa, OK

  • Daniel and his crew always do a great job for us.

    S.K Broken Arrow, OK

  • Daniel was professional and did an amazing job. I look forward to working with with MaidPro and have been raving to my friends and co-workers!! I felt very comfortable with Daniel and MaidPro!! Thank you for coming on such short notice. Jeanette

    J.S Tulsa, OK

  • Daniel was professional and did an amazing job. I look forward to working with with MaidPro and have been raving to my friends and co-workers!! I felt very comfortable with Daniel and MaidPro!! Thank you for coming on such short notice.

    J.S Tulsa, OK

  • Our service lady was extremely thorough and efficient. She did a great job.

    S.C Tulsa, OK

  • Young lady did a good job covering everything on her list and the ceiling fans I asked for with a great attitude. :-) Always smells so great when you finish. You're even able to help our home look wonderful in the middle of ongoing variety of renovat...

    D.E Tulsa, OK

  • Mercedes always does a great job. Thanks for sending her to me each time.

    R.M Tulsa, OK

  • It's the attention to detail and small gestures that make me love MaidPro!!!

    H.L. Sapulpa, OK

  • Super job! Thank You

    C.E Tulsa, OK

  • Amazing job! Plus great customer service from the person who booked it. I will definitely recommend you!

    H.L Tulsa, OK

  • Thank you for going above and beyond!! My house needed it!

    R.P Tulsa, OK

  • The Carla-Carolina team is #1

    S.N Owasso, OK

  • Yesenia did a great job cleaning my house again today! I would love to have her back again next time too! She does good work! Thank you!

    J.R Broken Arrow, OK

  • I always look forward to Linda coming on Wednesday to clean my house. It always looks great when she is finished!

    P.H. Tulsa, OK

  • Good job. I am happy.

    D.N Tulsa, OK

  • Very satisfied!!

    N.F Broken Arrow, OK

  • Always appreciate Claudia's hard work. I have recommended MaidPro to a couple of friends.

    S.M. Tulsa, OK

  • My wife and I were thrilled with your service. She told me she has never had anyone as good as the girl who cleaned our home. She was excellent!

    B.H Tulsa, OK

  • Very nicely done.

    D.N. Tulsa, OK

  • Thanks! Looks great!

    A.F Bixby, OK

  • Wonderful experience, cant wait to see you again next month :)

    J.F Tulsa, OK

  • Thrilled-strong word. I was glad and satisfied to get my home cleaned.

    N.B Tulsa, OK

  • Elu and the team do a fantastic job for us. Thank you!! Ken

    K.B. Tulsa, OK

  • Always a good job!!!

    J.H Broken Arrow, OK

  • They did a great job as always!!

    M.S Tulsa, OK

  • I was glad to have Linda arrive around midday.Everything went smoother for both of us. She is really great, I appreciate her a lot.

    P.H. Tulsa, OK

  • They did a fantastic job and my wood floors look forest!! The two women that came yesterday our my favorite and I appreciate their hard work. Thank you!

    M.A Tulsa, OK

  • Both ladies were pleasant, efficient and thorough. My house sparkles!

    E.V. Catoosa, OK


    L.G. Tulsa, OK

  • The provider did a good job cleaning my home.

    B.Y. Glenpool, OK

  • They do a great job! I have nothing but positive feedback to spread. I'm happy I went with MaidPro.

    M.T. Tulsa, OK

  • Claudia did another fantastic job. We are so very happy with her! :)

    R.T Tulsa, OK

  • Esperanza is amazing! I came home from work to an organized and sparkling clean home. Great job!!!

    M.F. Tulsa, OK

  • Once again, Theresa rocks.. I have never seen excellence stay as standard. I tell her all the time. I love my Wednesday's. Plus on top of great work she smiles all the time. It's like having sunshine brought inside. Thank management for hitting her....

    B.A. Tulsa, OK

  • All clean.Looked great! I appreciate the little extras too!!!!

    M.F. Tulsa, OK

  • What a ray of sunshine! Every week after I see another thought and sweet thing they have done for me. Our home sparkles!

    B.A. Tulsa, OK

  • They did a beautiful job, thank you so much!

    R.T. Tulsa, OK

  • Superb job, as always!

    S.N. Owasso, OK

  • We love the provider! She is wonderful!!

    C.E. Tulsa, OK

  • The two ladies did a fantastic job on my floors....I couldn't be happier!

    J.H. Owaso, OK

  • Cleaning today was great!!! Thank you!!!

    K.R. Owasso, OK

  • Excellent job!

    L.Z. Tulsa, OK

  • Wonderful job again! Please have her come back next time! She does a great job with my house!

    J.R. Broken Arrow, OK

  • Very satisfied with the cleaning!

    N.F. Broken Arrow, OK

  • We love our provider!!

    H.L. Sapulpa, OK

  • Feel free to send the young ladies I had yesterday anytime. They were a great duo. After being so sick it was an amazing treat to have our home sparkle. I appreciate you guys.

    B.A. Tulsa, OK

  • Our service provider did a good job !!!

    J.H. Tulsa, OK

  • Excellent job!!!! Thank you!

    M.A. Tulsa, OK

  • The provider was fantastic as usual. I don't get a chance to fill out this survey often but my opinion holds that she does a great job every time!

    A.B. Tulsa, OK

  • The girl who cleaned did an outstanding job!!!!

    J.H. Tulsa, OK

  • Service was amazing. I will definitely use MaidPro again in the future.

    S.H. Tulsa, OK

  • Martha and Susana did a great job. I appreciate being able to change days.

    P.H Tulsa, OK

  • I feel like a princess! I leave my house in tatters, but when I come home it has been transformed into a sparkling reprieve my normal life! Please provide a 20% tip charged to my card and great big "THANK YOU!!'

    H.L Sapulpa, OK

  • I was thrilled with my cleaning

    T.P Owasso, OK

  • what a perfect start to our weekend, a clean home than will give me more time to spend with my family. Thank you MaidPro!

    J.M Glenpool, OK

  • I am very pleased with the service that Teresa gives. I hope that she can continue to be my leaning lady permanently.

    J.J Tulsa, OK

  • Both of the girls did an excellent job!

    K.P Tulsa, OK

  • she did a great job! Floors look fabulous and everything just glowed when I came in

    L.M Broken Arrow, OK

  • I was so thrilled with my clean!

    C.C Tulsa, OK

  • I was very thrilled with my clean!

    J,S Tulsa, OK

  • As usual, she did excellent job

    S.M Broken Arrow, OK

  • The two ladies who cleaned did a wonderful job. They cleaned everything including the window sills, baseboards and cobwebs behind the doors and on the ceiling. The grates on the gas cook top have never looked so good. I was very impressed and look fo...

    J.L Sapulpa, OK

  • Using a company such as MaidPro may be a bit more costly than hiring an individual, but all the individuals they hire are screened, fingerprinted, bonded, and insured. I feel very comfortable giving them the key to my home. After each of the first fe...

    T.S. Jenks, OK

  • It is such a relief to have a clean house again. It passed the white glove test and smells so nice.

    J.N. Tulsa, OK

  • MaidPro has made my life so much easier.

    M.N. Sapulpa, OK

  • My house is SPARKLING!

    T.P. Jenks, OK

Tulsa County’s premier home cleaners.

At MaidPro Tulsa, creating clean houses are our priority. We are located in Tulsa, and deliver personalized, precise services to Bixby, Broken Arrow, Catoosa, Coweta, Glenpool, Jenks, Owasso, Sand Springs, Sapulpa and Tulsa. Whether you want shiny floors in Broken Arrow or sparkling bathrooms in Sand Springs, just call us for all your Tulsa area residential cleaning needs. In business since 2005, MaidPro of Tulsa is owned by Greg Ford, who opened his own MaidPro after 30 years of corporate life and having the desire to create his own legacy while providing for the community. He’s a fan of MaidPro’s 49-Point Checklist™ and especially values the kitchen —because when the kitchen is clean, the life of the home is a clean, welcoming and sparkling place. Greg loves the greater Tulsa area and the friendly, hardworking Midwest people who reside here. He’s on a mission to work hard at cleaning—one house at a time.

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We clean the living areas while you spend more time, well, living.

Your home, cleaned just the way you like it.

At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.