Learn about the many benefits you will experience when you work with a cleaning service that provides regular light cleaning for your office.

10 Benefits of Working with Cleaning Services for Regular Light Commercial Cleaning

10 Benefits of Working with Cleaning Services for Regular Light Commercial Cleaning

Have you ever seen a mess in your office and pretended not to see it in hopes of someone else cleaning it up? You are not alone if you have. About half of us always, or at least often, pretend not to see a mess and hope that someone else will take care of it. However, if everyone in your office does this, no one cleans, and your office gets dirtier. If you hire a cleaning service to come to your office regularly, you can stop the cycle. This is just one of many benefits you will enjoy when working with a cleaning service that regularly performs light cleaning.

1. A Consistently Clean Office

Office operations can get busy, with multiple responsibilities demanding time priority. When you are focused on a to-do list that is a mile long, cleaning can easily fall to the bottom. It can become challenging to prioritize cleaning. The time you set aside for it gets taken up by more pressing matters. You end up neglecting your cleaning duties until the office becomes noticeably dirty. Then, the task of cleaning seems insurmountable. You are not alone in this struggle for balance.

You can enjoy a consistently clean office when you hire a cleaning service. The professional cleaners at MaidPro will arrive on time at your scheduled time. This reliability and consistency ensures that much-needed tasks are performed regularly. So, while your schedule may get packed, you never have to worry about your office getting cleaned.

Cleaning Consistency on Your Schedule

MaidPro can schedule your cleaning services to suit your schedule and cleaning needs. This could mean weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services. A small office with only a handful of employees may only need occasional cleaning. Similarly, an office where the majority of employees work from home will not have as demanding cleaning needs. In contrast, a business with many employees or that is open to the public will have greater cleaning needs. Our expert team can help you determine the best frequency to meet your cleaning goals.

2. A Better Quality Clean

You hire professionals to provide a variety of services for your business. You seek out the most experienced and skilled people to become employees. By trusting the experts, you set your business up for success and accelerate its growth.

There is no shame in admitting that someone has more cleaning knowledge, skill, or experience than you. You try your best but are not achieving the best cleaning results without proper training. Because cleaning is a task that we all do in our personal lives, it can be difficult to admit that we may not be the most skilled at it. Then, there could be the challenge of limited time. A packed schedule means you have a finite amount of time to get your cleaning done. This can result in you rushing through your cleaning tasks. You may get them all done, but none of them are done well.

Hiring a cleaning service to come and clean for you means you have a trained and experienced professional doing the work for you. The MaidPro cleaners take pride in their work. They set themselves apart from other cleaning services by getting into the nooks and crannies of your office. They do not rush the cleaning process, instead taking pride in a job well done. The result is a well-cleaned office.

3. Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Americans find cleaning stressful. The idea of tackling cleaning tasks can cause them to experience additional anxiety. For many, this additional mental pressure can feel so overwhelming that they would prefer not to clean. There are many reasons that you could feel anxious or stressed about cleaning. For some, it is the idea of another task they must do. For others, it could be that cleaning is taking time away from other demands. Then, for some people, it is the insecurity that they are not doing a good enough job. Whatever the reason, the negative feelings are the same and have the same impact on your state of mind.

Hiring a professional cleaning service can be the solution. First, you can have peace of mind because you do not have to worry about doing the cleaning yourself. Second, you can have confidence that your professional cleaner will do a high-quality job. At MaidPro, we pride ourselves on dependability and consistency. We strive to maintain a consistent cleaning schedule so you can rely on us for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning. We also aim to have the same cleaner come to your business each time.

We understand that your office is a representation of your business. We do not take it lightly that you are trusting us with the first impression that your business location makes. Having the same person come each time allows you to develop trust and a relationship with your cleaner. This can reduce stress and anxiety as you know who and what to expect with each cleaning visit.

Peace of Mind With MaidPro

Letting a stranger into your office can induce stress and anxiety for some. You are trusting someone to come into your most private space. There could be sensitive or proprietary information that could be accessed.

The cleaners at MaidPro understand and respect this. We carefully screen and select each cleaner for quality and professionalism. That way, only the best professional cleaners go to MaidPro client locations. They treat each space as if it were their own, with the utmost respect and care. MaidPro cleaners are trained, licensed, insured, and bonded by MaidPro. This instills confidence that we are a reputable and professional cleaning service.

4. Clear State of Mind

Cleanliness and clutter have a direct impact on your mental state. Focusing on a single task is hard when too many things are competing for your attention. Mess and clutter create a lot of visual noise that draws your attention. The result is the feeling of being scatterbrained and having a short attention span. Clutter and mess can also induce stress. When things are not in their place, it takes more time to find everyday items. This can make performing simple tasks more stressful.

For some, clutter and mess can lead to feeling overwhelmed or depressed. Both of these feelings can have a negative impact on motivation. This makes completing cleaning tasks more challenging. The clutter and dirtiness continue to compound, which further drives you into feelings of depression or being overwhelmed. This has a negative impact on the overall office morale. One way to break this cycle is to hire a professional cleaning service. While you do not have to prepare for your cleaner, it is helpful to pick up clutter. This reduces the time and effort you need to dedicate to cleaning. By making the task more manageable, you are more likely to complete it. Then your cleaner will come in and finish the job. Afterward, you can feel accomplished and motivated by a completed project. You will then continue to feel the positive mental benefit of working in a clean, organized office.

5. More Productivity Time

It takes time to clean your office, especially if you want to do it correctly. The bigger the mess and the larger your business location, the more time cleaning will take. This is valuable time that you could be doing other things. For many people, routine cleaning takes away precious productivity time. When you hire a cleaning service, you gain this time back. That way, you can focus on the core operations of your business. MaidPro cleaners can work with you to schedule your cleaning services for when they work best for you.

You do not need to be in the office for your MaidPro cleaner to do their job. Many clients are not physically present when their cleaner comes to work their cleaning magic. All you need to do is provide a spare key or door code. Our cleaners will arrive, clean, and lock up when they leave. When you arrive at work, you will be greeted by a sparkling-clean office.

6. Healthier Environment

Regular cleaning is a must for a healthy office. Each year, about 160 million new cases of work-related illness result in an average of three lost work days. Having a cleaning service do a regular light cleaning can help you stay on top of tasks like dusting. Your MaidPro cleaner will use a microfiber cloth to wipe down all hard surfaces where dust collects. They can also vacuum and clean fabric or soft surfaces. This will reduce the amount of skin cells, dander, and hair collected in these materials. By taking this two-prong approach, you can reduce the amount of airborne allergens that degrade air quality.

How a Dirty Office Can Make You Sick

If someone in your company is sick, it can quickly spread to everyone else who works in and visits the business location. This is because cold and flu germs are surprisingly resilient. Cold germs typically stay active on hard surfaces for a few hours. In comparison, flu germs can live on hard surfaces for up to 24-48 hours.

Another common struggle with office air quality is allergens. Dust, dander, and mites can create inflammation in the lungs. This makes it difficult to breathe. Those with allergies or asthma are especially vulnerable to these irritants. You may find breathing difficult if your office has a high amount of dust, dirt, dander, pet hair, mold, or mildew. You could get short of breath easily, frequently cough, or have a runny nose.

7. Save Money

When you work with MaidPro, you get the cleaning service you need and nothing you do not. We work with you to create the schedule and level of cleaning service that works best for you. By customizing your service, you can save money by only paying for what you need. There are also no contracts to sign. So you never have to worry about being locked into a long-term contract.

When you hire a professional cleaning service, they bring commercial quality cleaning supplies. From tools to cleaning products, MaidPro cleaners come prepared. This means you can save money by not buying your own cleaning supplies. At MaidPro, we want you to feel good about our cleaning service. Let us know if you have a preference for the cleaning products or equipment that are used in your office. We will do our best to accommodate special requests.

8. Extended Life of Office Materials

The materials and items in your office have a useful life. You will need to replace them when they reach the end of their useful life. To get the most out of your office construction materials, furniture, and equipment, you need to maintain and repair them. A crucial part of this is cleaning.

When dirt, dust, and grime build up on surfaces, it causes your office and everything in it to degrade faster. This means you will not get the entire useful life out of them. Having MaidPro cleaners do a regular light cleaning will extend the life of your office's construction, furniture, and equipment.

How Dirt and Grime Shortens Useful Life

Dirt, dust, dander, grime, mold, and mildew shorten your office's useful life in several ways. For small or large equipment and machines, it can cause the machine to work harder. This puts additional stress on the machine's motor and other components, causing them to wear out faster. For other machines, the dust and grime can create an insulating layer on the machine. This can cause it to run hotter than usual, which causes the components to wear out faster. A dirty machine can also experience corrosion. This happens when metal components are exposed to salts and moisture. Corrosion will eventually eat away at the metal, resulting in a need for replacement.

9. Always Ready for Guests

Do not get caught unprepared when clients or potential clients surprise you by stopping by without warning. When you have professional cleaners regularly doing light cleaning, you can feel confident that your business is always ready for guests. To ensure your business is always guest-ready, you can include the most-used areas of your office in the cleaning schedule. That way, the areas of your office that get dirty the fastest will get the attention they need. In addition, you could have the cleaner go over the areas of your office that guests see. This could include a sales floor, showroom, front reception area, or conference rooms. That way, your guests will never know that the more private areas of your business are not as picture-perfect as the places they see.

10. Better Smelling Office

You become nose blind to the smells that you are exposed to on a regular basis. Do not worry; this is normal. If you leave your workspace for an extended time period, you can smell what your office truly smells like when you first enter your company's location. However, your guests, clients, and customers will immediately notice and continue to smell your office. Having a cleaning service regularly do a light cleaning throughout your office can keep it smelling nice.

Messes created in the company break room can be especially smelly. Food and drink spills can become especially smelly when they are not cleaned up right away. If this was not frustrating enough, some offensive odors are likelier to stick around than others. This makes it even more important to remove the source of the smell. MaidPro cleaners will find the source of the offending odors in your office and clean the mess. That way, you can feel confident that your business premises smell clean and fresh.

Create a Signature Scent

Once your company space is clean, you have a blank canvas for creating a signature scent. This creates an ambiance and contributes to the overall experience you and others have in your office. Scents for your space can be organized into four categories: fresh, floral, woody, and exotic.

Fresh scents are perfect for keeping your office smelling clean. They are light and refreshing as they ignite the senses. Common fresh scents are citrus, lemongrass, and bergamot. Floral scents are slightly romantic and feminine. Florals will typically include scents like rose, gardenia, magnolia, and jasmine. Woody scents are the more serious response to the lightness of floral scents. They can feel opulent and warm while also inspiring feelings of nature. Familiar woody smells include balsam, birch, sandalwood, cedarwood, and patchouli. Fresh scents are light and clean. These include citrus and herbs that will energize the senses. Exotic scents can be a little spicy, musky, and warm. They can elevate a space, making it feel more luxurious and opulent. Exotic scents include musk, frankincense, clove, and honey.

Hire Cleaning Services

When you hire the cleaners from MaidPro, you can feel confident that your office will always look, smell, and feel clean. You can use the time and money you save to be more productive and focus on your core responsibilities. Our light cleaning sweep through your office will improve the air quality, reduce germs, and have you feeling better physically and mentally.

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