5 Ways Fido Contributes to Household Messes (And What You Can Do About It)

5 Ways Fido Contributes to Household Messes (And What You Can Do About It)

North Americans love dogs, with 44.5% of households owning at least one dog. For many people, they aren't just pets; they are a member of the family. However, as much as they love their four-legged family, they don't love the mess they can create. Hiring a MaidPro cleaner can help you keep your home clean. In between cleanings, these tips will help you address the most common messes your dogs might create.

1. Dander and Hair

Your four-legged friend can't help it; they shed dander and hair. It then gets all over your furniture and clothes. Have a heavy shedder, and you'll see fur tumbleweeds floating across the floor. Tame them with regular sweeping and vacuuming. A robot vacuum can be especially helpful because it can be on a programmed schedule with minimal maintenance. In addition, invest in a quality shedding brush or comb. Regularly brush your dog outside to remove the loose hair and prevent it from ending up on your floor. Routine washing can also help remove dander and hair.

2. Dirt Tracked In

You let your pup go outside, and they thank you by coming back with dirty or muddy paws. That dirt and grime then gets tracked through your home. There are several ways you can prevent this. One way is to use a dog wipe, towel, or mitt to clean small messes. Another helpful item is a doormat that's made for heavy duty traffic which will typically trap the dry, loose dirt. Also, a dog wash station or washing tool can give them a quick rinse. You can also prevent the mess before it happens by putting dog boots on your pup's paws.

3. Bathroom Accidents

Bathroom accidents in the house are unpleasant for everyone. If your pup has an accident, clean it quickly to prevent long-term stains and smells. House training is a must for any dog. Teach your dog to alert you when they need to go. Take your dog on regular walks. If you know you will be gone for a long time, give them extra time outside before leaving.

4. Food and Water Spills

It would be nice if your dog could be tidy when eating and drinking. However, this can feel like a losing battle as the food leaves the bowl and water splashes onto the floor. One way to contain this mess is by replacing their food and water bowls with deeper ones. The higher sides will help contain the mess better. In addition, place the bowls on a silicone mat that will catch the spills and be easily washed.

5. Toy Clutter

If you are like most pet parents, you have bought plenty of toys for your furry friend. Then there are the pet beds, blankets, and pillows. Before you know it, your home is cluttered with your pup's stuff. Place a large basket or bin in a common room to gather and contain the clutter.

Enjoy Your Pup, Not the Mess

Your pup loves you and doesn't intentionally make a mess of your home. These tips will help you keep your home clean in between your MaidPro cleaner visits.

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