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To Clean a Room, Use The Spiral

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In Parts 2 and 3 of our series, we looked at why professional cleaners favor specific solutions and tools. In Parts 4 and 5, we look at how and why the pros clean rooms and homes in a certain order.

Nonprofessional cleaners will often work nonsystematically, jumping around from one dirty-looking item to the next. But such an approach can cause freshly cleaned surfaces to become re-contaminated and important cleaning tasks to be missed altogether. Some professional services, meantime, send in large cleaning teams, making it virtually impossible to sequence the work properly. Floors end up getting cleaned before furniture has ever been dusted! In either case, the result is less thorough, less durable cleans.

MaidPro cleaning PROs always work alone or in teams of two, using a specific division and order of tasks. Each room is cleaned by a single PRO, using a method designed to deliver the most thorough, longest-lasting clean possible.

For each room they clean, MaidPro professionals are trained in a methodology called The Spiral. They work their way around every room in the direction of their dominant hand (righties clockwise, lefties counter-clockwise), starting at the top and spiraling down, so that no surface escapes their keen attention. In the kitchen, for example, the Spiral Method will typically carry a MaidPro professional through the following sequence:

• Upper then lower cabinets,
• Large then small appliances,
• Counters then sink,
• Trash removal,
• Baseboards then floor,
• Sink (re-clean and dry).

By working in a Spiral, the pros take advantage of gravity because all dirt is knocked downward to the ground as they work. Finishing up with the floor ensures that as much dirt as possible is removed permanently from the room. The Spiral also ensures that MaidPro professionals never skip or miss surfaces because every item in the home comes under their hands as some point as they work around each room.