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Is it really green?

Is it really green if you have to use five times as much of a "green" product than a "regular" product just to get a satisfactory clean?

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Transportation and travel

It's what we do to conserve gasoline, reduce carbon emissions and lower the number of miles driven.

Estimate all services via telephone (as opposed to in-home estimates)
Use Green Routing - the proper use of zoning and scheduling tools and processes
Encourage use of low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles by employees
Encourage all employees to only change oil at manufacturer recommended intervals to reduce waste oil
Promote public transportation and carpooling when possible
Locate offices centrally within serviced territories

Cleaning products

It's what we do to make sure we are using the best product solutions for our clients, employees and environment (click here for more information).

Purchase concentrated formulas with reduced packaging
Use professional measuring and dilution systems (all concentrates are diluted at MaidPro to reduce water transportation costs and ensure proper proportions)
Choose products that clean quickly and effectively to minimize exposure to cleaning solutions
Provide thorough training on products that meet all OSHA and EPA regulations
Use no aerosol products with the exception of interior oven cleaning
Rinse and properly dispose of used/expended solutions and containers
Continually test and analyze the best products from the best companies
Use client's preferred products if provided in the home (at the discretion of the local franchise)


It's what we do to invest in the best tools to maximize, reuse and minimize waste.

Purchase environmentally friendly vacuum cleaners (CRI Green Label Certified with HEPA or Arm & Hammer Filters)
Color-code our washable, reusable microfiber cleaning rags to prevent cross-contamination and use damp rags to prevent re-circulation of dust
Choose reusable plastic buckets
Choose reusable nylon and canvas bags
Choose reusable laundry/trash bags with lining
Choose reusable spray bottles and dispensers
Properly segregate waste and recycling for tools and materials that can't be reused


It's what we do to make sure employees know what to do and how to do it.

Conduct extensive initial training on the MaidPro way to clean with a focus on quality, consistency and the proper use of products, tools and practices
Offer extensive ongoing training so employees stay up to date

Communications, marketing and documentation

It's what we do to reduce the amount of paper we use.

Send schedules and/or invoices via e-mail
Use telephone for service reminders and follow-up
Store internal records electronically
Provide service information via e-mail and website
Choose recycled paper for client communication and marketing pieces as available
Print documents only when absolutely necessary, double-sided when possible, and then recycle
Offer reusable plates, cups and utensils in the office instead of disposables


It's what we do to reduce the amount of water we use.

Use filtered public water supply instead of bottled water (transported via truck)
Purchase efficient washing machines designed for minimal water use
If possible, install low-flow toilets (often at landlord's discretion, but every push helps)


It's what we do to reduce the amount of electricity we use.

Use Energy Smart PCs and laptops
Purchase high-efficiency washers and dryers
Switch to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs in the office
Turn items without standby/sleep mode off at night (PCs, printers, lights, etc.)

Office Setup

It's what we do to make sure our office space is as efficient, safe and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Request efficient heating and A/C systems (serviced annually)
Add power strips to eliminate idle current
Properly seal and insulate doors and windows
Maintain independent control of lighting and HVAC
Don't leave cars running in the parking lot
Use recycled furniture if possible (to save trees and reduce transportation emissions)
Use solar, hydro or wind power when available
Minimize space needed for efficient operations
Choose offices with lots of windows and natural light
Operate during daytime hours to require less artificial light
Choose hardwood flooring (recycled is even better) or natural fiber rugs and carpets for better indoor air quality

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