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MaidPro Springfield, MO Reviews

What People Are Saying

People love us. But don't take our word for it, read what our house-cleaning customers have to say.

Ray worked today without her trusty sidekick Faith and all alone conquered the dirt, dust, grime and cobwebs that had accrued over the last month.

Charles | Springfield, MO

Jessie was very sweet and kind, did a great job, we really appreciate the job she did.

Judy | Springfield, MO

Your team did a great job, thank you so much! Looking forward to using your services again.

Sara | Nixa, MO

Kylie did a fantastic job again!

Nadia | Springfield, MO

Jennifer left everything spotless and always does a good job!

Jacob | Brookline, MO

Thank you Misty for doing such a great job cleaning our house. It was very nice to meet you!

Kelly | Springfield, MO

Jennifer did an excellent job. She was thorough, professional, intelligent, articulate, and I look forward to working with her again. Thanks!

Jackie | Springfield, MO

Awesome job, Ladies! Thank you for making a disaster of a house clean again. Thank you!!

Volare | Nixa, MO

Excellent job as always!!

Jeff | Springfield, MO

Brittney is a very excellent housekeeper. She does everything the way I like it. She also very kind to me and my cats. She is always punctual. I would recommend MiadPro to all my friends.

Carolyn | Nixa, MO

Brittney did a SUPER job and made our house a home again - Thank You Brittney!

John | Springfield, MO

Andrea does an amazing job and goes the extra mile.

Barbara | Springfield, MO

Brittney ROCKS!

John | Springfield, MO

I like Erica's work and personality. Get's right down to business in a friendly way!

Alice | Springfield, MO

First time. Loved the clean smell

Patty | Springfield, MO

Phenomenal, extremely thorough did cleanings and organized we didn’t even think to ask of them, 10/10.

Zach | Springfield, MO

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