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MaidPro Springfield, MO

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What People Are Saying

People love us. But don’t take our word for it, read what our house cleaning customers have to say.

Caylin and Lundon did a wonderful job. Very proffesional yet friendly. They were quiet and fast and got through a lot of work in 2 hours. I look forward to their next appointment.

Teresa Springfield, MO

The house looked and smelled great. You could see the attention to details and all 49 points were marked off on my sheet with this clean which I hadnt had with previous cleans. Thanks Lydia and Lundon for getting it all done!

Stephanie Springfield, MO

Summit is a very detailed house cleaning expert! I am very glad to have her in my home. She listens to me and does an amazing clean. My allergies are much better because she really removes the dust and pet hair from everything!!

Sharon Springfield, MO

Danielle did an amazing job cleaning my home! I was very pleased and have already recommended Maid Pro to others.

Laurie Ozark, MO

Jessie and Amber did a great job! Everything looked great for Easter! Thank you!

Lisa Springfield, MO

Kylee did an exceptional job today. My floors and couches look awesome!!!

Volare Springfield, MO

Danielle is AMAZING. She has made my life much easier, my dad has been sick, I know I can trust her in my house.

Misty Springfield, MO

Calynn did an exceptional job and got things truly, thoroughly clean.

Travis Springfield, MO

She did a great job. Looking forward to continuing with her.

Chris Springfield, MO

Thanks to Jessie, everything was perfect!

Lisa Springfield, MO

Danielle was amazing!!!

Misty Springfield, MO

Danielle did an amazing job! She thoroughly cleaned everything and made it look and smell awesome.

Cynthia Springfield, MO

The Pros do a great job, I look forward to repeat cleanings.

Chris Springfield, MO

Melody does a really nice job. The wood floors look really good!

Lisa Springfield, MO

Always happy with Jesse. Shes my favorite and I couldnt ask for better!

Pamela Springfield, MO

Lydia did a great job! Everything is clean & my house smells so good!

Tamren Nixa, MO

Fabulous! So So happy with my clean!

Jennifer Springfield, MO

Mel did a great job! Everything looked fantastic.

Cynthia Republic, MO

Lydia is great! Excellent clean, and my dogs love her!

Tamren Nixa, MO

The Pros did great work considering all they had to do. We will definitely hire your company again

Curtis Springfield, MO

The Maid Pro did a very thorough job!

Jay Springfield, MO

Justine does an amazing job! She is always so friendly and takes special care to clean the areas of our home that have build up from our dog (baseboards, fur in corners, hair stuck on furniture) My favorite day every month is the day after shes done...

Jess Springfield, MO

Erika!!!! The BEST!!!!

Gigi Rogersville, MO

Phenomenal, extremely thorough did cleanings and organized we didnt even think to ask of them, 10/10.

Zach Springfield, MO

Justine did a very thorough and excellent job, as always!

Jesse Springfield, MO

Erica and Adriana were friendly, professional and worked very hard to clean my house. I was very impressed with them.

Christine Springfield, MO

Cheryl was very thorough and detailed. Very polite, pleasant and professional.

Adam Springfield, MO

Always pleased with the job that is done. Nice to come home to a clean smelling house

Patty Springfield, MO

Brittney ROCKS!

John Springfield, MO

I like Erica's work and personality. Get's right down to business in a friendly way!

Alice Springfield, MO

First time. Loved the clean smell

Patty Springfield, MO

Excellent job as always!!

Jeff Springfield, MO

Brittney is a very excellent housekeeper. She does everything the way I like it. She also very kind to me and my cats. She is always punctual. I would recommend MiadPro to all my friends.

Carolyn Nixa, MO

Brittney did a SUPER job and made our house a home again - Thank You Brittney!

John Springfield, MO

Andrea does an amazing job and goes the extra mile.

Barbara Springfield, MO

Awesome job, Ladies! Thank you for making a disaster of a house clean again. Thank you!!

Volare Nixa, MO

Thank you Misty for doing such a great job cleaning our house. It was very nice to meet you!

Kelly Springfield, MO

Jennifer did an excellent job. She was thorough, professional, intelligent, articulate, and I look forward to working with her again. Thanks!

Jackie Springfield, MO

Brittney is sooooo good a real pro

Jerry Springfield, MO

Andrea and Natalya did a great job! Thank you for all you do!

Lisa Springfield, MO

Kylie did a fantastic job again!

Nadia Springfield, MO

Jennifer left everything spotless and always does a good job!

Jacob Brookline, MO

Ray worked today without her trusty sidekick Faith and all alone conquered the dirt, dust, grime and cobwebs that had accrued over the last month.

Charles Springfield, MO

Jessie was very sweet and kind, did a great job, we really appreciate the job she did.

Judy Springfield, MO

Your team did a great job, thank you so much! Looking forward to using your services again.

Sara Nixa, MO

Roseanna was once again, fantastic! She turns my home into a 5-star hotel!

Tina Springfield, MO

We hired MaidPro to clean out our apartment when we saw how thorough the cleaning checklist was for move-out. The girls were right on time, everyone we talked to was very nice, and the apartment was sparkling at the end! Got done in a great amount of...

Taylor Springfield, MO

Justine does a great job. The girls are very pleasant. And kind to our dogs!

Pat Springfield, MO

Ray always goes above and beyond. Fantastic work!

Cynthia Republic, MO

Ray and Jessica came for the cleaning today and as usual gave close attention to the details of cleaning our house. We are always quite pleased with the job they do and today is no exception. Great job guys!

Charles Springfield, MO

Ray and TJ did an excellent job in today's cleaning of the house, as they always do. They are always careful to ascertain for us what needs special care.

Thomas Hammond Springfield, MO

My children have named Dawn and Tanicia as the best bed makers in the world. Great job ladies!!!

Carolyn Springfield, MO

Great job and very friendly!

A Beautiful Mess Springfield, MO

Ray does an excellent job cleaning when she comes to our house. She is very sweet lady. I would recommend Ray to any of my family and friends. We liked her so well we requested she be the one to return to our home each month. Thank you Ray and Maidpr...

Angela Springfield, MO

Traci is fantastic. Always goes above and beyond!

Carrie Springfield, MO

Crystal (Cristy) did a wonderful job in our master bath. I don't need the mirror: I can see myself in the faucets! Ray worked her magic once more, especially in the kitchen. My ceramic stovetop looks brand new.

Audrey Springfield, MO

Was very pleased with my clean! Please send Traci in the future, the chalkboard she did in the kids bedroom was GREAT!

Carrie Springfield, MO

I enjoyed having Dawn clean this morning! She does a very thorough job and I appreciate the clean bathroom. Great job Dawn!

Iva Springfield, MO

If at all possible, we are requesting that Jessica return to do our cleaning. We were pleased with her attitude, behavior, and her cleaning!

Joyce Springfield, MO

We thought Ray did an outstanding job! Everything looked fresh and clean, and smelled great. Looking forward to working with her again!

Cynthia Springfield, MO

i was pleased with Ray's work ethics. She worked efficiently. A good job for her first visit to my home. I would recommend her and will request that she return next month

Carol Springfield, MO

Ray did an excellent job..she was very friendly and was very impressed with her work. We decided we wanted her to come back once a month

Angela Springfield, MO

The two ladies, Dawn and Ray, who cleaned my house did an excellent job. The worked very hard and did everything asked.

Kristy Springfield, MO

The stress relief waking up to a clean home brings is priceless. The ladies do a great job!

Vanessa Springfield, MO

Always a great job, especially on the floors!

Shawn Springfield, MO

Melissa is always conscientious, friendly and eager to please. Her assistant was also a good worker and very pleasant.

Sharon Springfield, MO

The girls were awesome !

Michael Springfield, MO

Great job! Glad I chose maid pro!

Kathy Springfield, MO

Thank you for a job well done. My husband and I were very pleased with the service done by the girls. Dawn and Jamie were very enjoyable to meet and we could not have been happier.

Stephanie Springfield, MO

Kayla did a great job, she worked very hard and made my home shine!

Paultte Springfield, MO

Once again a real great job. I've had many housekeepers and your company does a wonderful job. Thanks

Pam Springfield, MO