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Customers love MaidPro Central Connecticut

  • I was very happy with the service today!! My house sparkled and Brendaliz took great care and detail in cleaning my home. Brendaliz is exceptional. Thank you Brendaliz!!

    S.L. Meriden, CT

  • I'm completely blown away! Our home has never been this clean. The Pros are so friendly and professional. They went above and beyond and I can't thank them enough!

    Whethersfield, CT

  • We used Maidpro years ago and came back due to the great service. The person that cleaned our home today did an outstanding job!! Everything looked great. It was quite a treat to come home to after a long day of work. Thank you Maidpro, we are glad t...

    B.F. Cromwell, CT

  • Lisa did an excellent job. We are very thankful that she takes care of our home. Lisa takes great pride in her work and is an excellent representative of MaidPro.

    P.B. Wallingford, CT

  • I was a bit skeptical at first with having a male housecleaner but Jhon was absolutely wonderful! He did a thorough cleaning and was meticulous! A kind and considerate person. You are lucky to have such a wonderful employee. I was lucky to have him d...

    K.K. Berlin,

  • I can't recommend Caite Berg more! She did a fantastic job! I am currently trying to sell my condo but I am still living here. I find it nearly impossible to keep my place,"walk through clean," all the time. She is a true pro.

    T.M. Meriden, CT

  • Heather always does a wonderful job and I appreciate the kind of attention she pays to my home. I tell her she makes our lives nicer and easier.

    K.C. Wallingford, CT

  • Brenadaliz & Jessenia did a phenomenal job cleaning my condo to prepare for the sale of my condo! They were courteous, efficient, detail oriented, and made the condo look immaculate for my open house on Sunday!!! Thank you, MaidPro!!!

    J.B. Rocky Hill, CT

  • Thrilled with FTC. Stove and showers were the main concerns and they looked brand new. Super impressed with MaidPro services. Great job!!!

    P.F. Wallingford, CT

  • Yesterday's cleaning was great. Caite knows the in's and out's of our home. It was very kind of her to bring a card and a candle, so thoughtful. We look forward toseeing Caite next time.

    P.V. Middletown, CT

  • The girls were polite and very thorough with the cleaning. I also loved that they folded the bathroom towels and tissues and toilet paper. It showed that they paid attention to detail. I am a very happy customer !!

    T.K. Southington, CT

  • The house was def cleaner than when I left! The girls were great, I was very happy. My kids loved the cute little stickers and the way this stuffed animals were placed on their beds!

    K.L. Newington, CT, CT

  • Brendaliz did a FANTASTIC job of cleaning. I can't believe only 1 person did all that she did and she did it so well. I am extremely pleased with MaidPro.

    G.W. Southington, CT

  • Jessenua was outstanding. She was hard working and thorough. Appreciated the little extras-folded towels and toilet tissue embellishments. Very very pleased!!

    D.E. Wallingford, CT

  • Brendaliz did a great job. The most thorough clean I've had in a long time.

    C.M. Cromwell,

  • Heather and Stephanie make a great team. Heather is extremely competent, positive, confident, and amiable. She's a great role model for newer Pros like Stephanie.

    R.O. Wallingford, CT

  • My house looks amazing! Thank you so much..

    J.P. Southington, CT

  • As always, Melanie is the best - the house looks amazing.

    M.M. Meriden, CT

  • Great work at an affordable price!

    A.R. Southington, CT

  • We had the good fortune of having Caite and Chelsea assigned for our first clean. They were energetic, professional and thorough! Their experience showed in how systematically they went through and their love for their work showed in the finishing to...

    M.R. Southington,

  • Thank you to the maid that cleaned the rack in the shower. It really needed it. I like when they do something small and unexpected each cleaning.

    M.S. Wallingford,

  • I've said it before & I'll say it again, I can not express how much I appreciate what a great Job Lisa does. She is also a ray of sunshine.

    Y.M. New Britain,

  • Beautiful job yesterday by Heather and her trainee. Cleanings have been very consistent in the past year and have not slipped as they have with other services I have used. It is a huge relief to know that I can count on Maid Pro to ensure I'm getting...

    E.A. Cheshire, CT

  • I was home (unexpectedly) during the scheduled service. The staff was friendly, courteous and extremely diligent. I would highly recommend their service to others in the future and I look forward to future cleans

    N.I. Glastonbury,

  • Our Pro is absolutely great! We always know when he comes to clean because he leaves the place doing above and beyond, especially in our cat room. Our Pro also leaves very nice treats for our dogs! There's nothing but good news from us when our Pro c...

    J.V. Cheshire,

  • Really like when Jhon is our pro. His work is impeccable.

    R.D. Southington, CT

  • Our Pro did a terrific job. She knows what we need her to do, pays such attention to detail. It's wonderful to come home.

    K.C. Wallingford, CT

  • Maid pro is the best, always above and beyond with cleaning and customer service! The best; that's what they are!

    R.D Wallingford, CT

  • The clean yesterday was absolutely wonderful! The aroma when I entered the house was so clean!!!! MaidPro did a spectacular job and I thank them for it!!!!! Tomorrow is my birthday and this is the best birthday present!!!! Thank you! :)

    J.N Plantsville, CT

  • Everything was fantastic! We needed a cleaning more than I can describe and then MaidPro came in and transformed my home! It smelled wonderful and the staff was pleasant, Im keeping MaidPro, they are the best service by far!! Thank you!

    P.S Meriden, CT

  • The Pros did an excellent job! The Pros were very thorough, and nice and so hard working! I look forward to having them come back soon! Thanks again!

    T.R North Haven, CT

  • I always look forward to having a visit from MaidPro. My house looks and smells great everytime!

    R.R Southington, CT

  • MaidPro always does an excellent job. They are always willing to work with you and they are all very personable.

    P.B Wallingford, CT

  • My Pro does an excellent job on our home and it always looks great. We appreciate her dedication and her enthusiasm in doing her job.. My Pro is personable and a delight to work with. She is definitely an attribute to the MaidPro organization. Thank...

    P.B Wallingford, CT

  • I have been nothing but pleased with the services MaidPro provides!

    K.S Meriden, CT

  • Thank you to the awesome team of Pros that cleaned my home!! After a super stressful day and walking in the door with two tired kids, it was like a heavy weight was lifted to smell a fresh clean home that sparkled. The extra attention to detail made...

    B.R Southington, CT

  • I love the personal touches My Pro goes out of her way to do! She is awesome, the house always smell amazing when shes done with it!

    A.O Middletown, CT

  • MaidPro has been cleaning our house for over a year and we are always happy with their work.

    E.A Southington, CT

  • Very happy. Easy to work with. Worth the price.

    S.S Southington, CT

  • My house looks amazing! thank you!

    C.M Cheshire,

  • I signed up my son for service and after seeing what MaidPro accomplished I will sign up for recurring service also! Great job MaidPro!

    S.S Southington, CT

  • My Pros are very professional and personable. Its always a pleasure to come home to a fresh and clean house at the end of a long day. Thank you MaidPro!

    P.B Wallingford, CT

  • My Pros are the greatest! They get to know what we like and always go above and beyond my expectations! Thank you MaidPro!

    R.D Southington,

  • My Pro always does a beautiful job. My house always smells fresh and best of all I dont have to do it myself!! Thank you MaidPro!

    M.L Wallinford, CT

  • My house always smells so fresh when MaidPro is done with it, I wouldn't trust my house to anyone else!

    C.C Cromwell, CT

  • We are always thrilled when MaidPro comes to visit. All the special touches and friendly staff keeps me coming back for more!

    P.J Cromwell, CT

  • Our Pros continuously do an amazing job keeping our home smelling fresh and clean! Very please with the service!

    L.L Wallinford, CT

  • My Pro has been doing an awesome job as always cleaning our office. Her friendly personality was missed while I was away. She is always in such an upbeat mood. It always a pleasure to work with MaidPro! Thank you!

    R.B Newington, CT

  • My Pro does a great job making our home sparkle and smell fresh!

    A.C Wethersfield, CT

  • Very satisfied, on time and dependable!

    J.S Merden, CT

  • Our Pro is EXCELLENT!! We have been thrilled week after week but somehow it was even better this week! Fresh and clean smell throughout the house, absolutely spotless floors, etc. Thanks again MaidPro!

    L.D Southington, CT

  • Good evening, As usual MaidPro did an outstanding job! Thanks again!

    E.A Cheshire, CT

  • I am so happy every time I go home after my cleaning. I have had a very good experience with all my cleanings. My Pro is FABULOUS!

    C.B Wallinford, CT

  • You've always given the best service and always available; much appreciated!

    A.S Kensington, CT

  • I was unbelievably impressed when I came back home. The awesome maid who came to clean my house did such an incredible job. Thank you MaidPro!

    V.T North Haven, CT

  • I love the attention to detail! Thanks MaidPro!

    A.O Middletown, CT

  • House always smells so fresh and looks so clean...thank you MaidPro from all of us! You are the best!!!!

    L.T Southington, CT

  • I am more than pleased! I was very surprised to see the towels folded so nicely and the attention to detail was impeccable! I am glad I chose MaidPro!

    G.C Rocky Hill, CT

  • I think I am being spoiled. It is so remarkable to come home to a clean house. Working the hours I do, my time at home is limited...knowing someone takes care of the cleaning I cannot get to - is a present. I also appreciate they take care not to let...

    C.B Wallingford, CT

  • My Pro did such an excellent job! I have never seen any one work as hard as she did in my house today. I would love to have her back anytime! Thanks MaidPro!

    K.C Meriden, CT

  • I love the work done by Maid Pro each and every time!

    C.M Cheshire, CT

  • The quality of the house cleaning is consistently excellent week after week. Everything was clean and fresh smelling; An excellent job!

    L.D Southington, CT

  • My Pro did an excellent job. She's incredibly thorough. Terrific Cleaning!

    R.O Wallingford, CT

  • Our Pros always do a fantastic job! Thank you!

    A.C Wethersfield, CT

  • Excellent - as always! Thank you!

    S.S Wallinford, CT

  • My Pro's always do an excellent job. They are personable and reliable individuals who take great pride in their work. We are always pleased to have them take care of our home. My Pros are definitely an asset to MaidPro and the reputation of the compa...

    P.B Wallingford, CT

  • Everything was beautifully done! The house smelled great and the team was professional and efficient. I will definitely use this service again! Thank you MaidPRo!

    T.M Wallinford, CT

  • The cleaning went very well! Thank you MaidPro!

    V.T Cheshire, CT

  • We are so blessed to have MaidPro. The Pros and the office staff are always so nice to deal with. Thank you MaidPro!

    M.D Wallingofrd, CT

  • The work is always great and love the work they do!

    A.S Kensington, CT

  • Maid pro girls always do a great job They are the best

    R.D Wallingford, CT

  • Oh my Goodness! To say that I'm ecstatic about how clean my apartment is, is an under statement. Thank you! happy holidays!

    M.K Cromwell, CT

  • Hi! Just wanted to let you know that My Pro, as always, did absolutely spectacular today. She continues to outperform. She goes above and beyond each and every time and is so Pleasant to deal with on top of that. She gives her full 100% and that too...

    M.D Wallingford, CT

  • Our Pro worked at our home yesterday and did, as usual, an awesome job. She is hardworking, friendly, good with the dog and has a great eye for detail, We have a house with lots to clean. Our Pro takes the time to do a little extra here and there eac...

    C.K Thomaston, CT

  • I love, love, love, My Pro. She always does a great job. So happy when I come home after she cleans!

    K.P cheshire, CT

  • Thank you once again MaidPro.....great job!!!! Our house smells to fresh and clean.

    L.T Southington, CT

  • A great experience! Thanks MaidPro!

    L.L Wallingford, CT

  • THANK YOU to our Pro for the great job she does cleaning our home and "befriending" our dog!!!!

    L.T Southington, CT

  • What can I say? The 10 Rating is much too low! I'm so pleased with my fresh, clean home, I would give it a number 100! Thank you, so very much! W.C

    W.C Berlin, CT


    R.B Newington, CT

  • Thank you! Our house was spotless as always! Very pleased with the service! Thank you again!

    M.T. Glastonbury,

  • My Pro takes good care of our home and is a very personable individual. It is always a delight to see her. She is thoughtful and caring and an excellent representative of MaidPro.

    P.B Wallingford, CT

  • Thank you! Our house was spotless as always! Very pleased with the service! Thank you again!

    M.T Glastonbury, CT

  • i was very happy to come home to such a clean house. The ladies were very detailed and hit all items on the checklist. I am happy I have signed up for the bi-weekly service. I have already recommended MaidPro to a friend.

    J.W Wethersfield, CT

  • A clean home is a happy home and a happy home is a healthy home. THANK YOU MaidPro for your Care!

    W.C Berlin, CT

  • My Pros did an amazing job yesterday. Shortly after they left, I went to work and it was wonderful coming back home to a truly clean house. I want to extend my thanks to both women again. And in the future, I'd love to have either of them come back f...

    S.T Wethersfield, CT

  • I just can not express in words how wonderful My Pro is. She does an excellent job. I love knowing that when she is done that my house is perfectly clean. I have 3 animals and my house is a 100 year old Victorian, something is always being worked on...

    Y.M Berlin, CT

  • My Pro is very professional and takes pride in her work! Please thank her for me

    P.F Southington, CT

  • My clean was great! My Pro moved the cat litter boxes and clean underneath. Thats the MaidPro clean I love! Thank you!

    J.N Plantsville, CT

  • My Pro did an excellent job; she is definitely dedicated to her profession and to the reputation of MaidPro. she is very personable and I am extremely delighted to have her clean my house.

    P.B Wallingford, CT

  • Once again my angel, My Pro, made everything sparkle! My "kids" are coming in this weekend to visit and I can be proud of how my home looks! I'm grateful. Thank you.

    W.C Berlin, CT

  • Our Pro was amazing once again! She really does her job well and we come home and it's like a brand new clean space. She's honestly the best and we cannot be any more thankful with her performance on her home. It's like she knows exactly how we like...

    C.D Newington, CT

  • The Pros did an amazing job as always! I'm really impressed. Thank you MaidPro!

    E.A Cheshire, CT

  • Great job as always- it's a pleasure to come home to my sparkling home.

    D.K Wallingford, CT

  • My Pros do a super, super job on my house. they are very personable and take great pride in their work. I am glad to have them do my house. MaidPro is extremely lucky to have such great employees.

    P.B Wallingford, CT

  • Thank you for a terrific cleaning. Love the arrangement of stuffed animals on the kids beds!

    K.C Cheshire, CT

  • The cleaner did an excellent job, My fiance walked in and said it smelled great and looked great! We really appreciate a job well done. We will definitely use you again!!!

    B.W Wallingford, CT

  • My Pros did an amazing job with our clean today. Our house was in some not so good shape after a few weeks and now it feels like a hotel! So clean and smells great. Please give our Pros our thanks for cleaning in such a way where we come home and are...

    C.D Newington, CT

  • Wonderful!!! My clean was absolutely amazing! Thank you to the two ladies who did a phenomenal job with every little thing! This is the Maid Pro clean I know and love!!!! Thank you ladies! :)

    J.N Plantsville, CT

  • The maids did an excellent job! Thank you.

    M.M Wethersfield, CT

  • I was able to keep my house spotless for many years. Now I Can't. Calling Maid Pro was Calling MaidPro was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. MaidPro DOES care! My Pro works as hard as I used to do. I'm so glad I called. She is the ha...

    W.C Berlin, CT

  • Wow! Wow! Wow! I had a party last Saturday, and there were a lot of recyclables, but my bin was full so I thought I would have to wait until next week. My Pro went out of her way and made it all fit into the bin. I did not expect her to do that, so w...

    B.C New Briatin, CT


    R.B Newington, CT

  • After such a stressful day I was amazed to come home and find what a beautiful job all the ladies did. I know they had their work cut out for them and they did an excellent job. Thank you MaidPro!

    P.C Cheshire, CT

  • while I am not hard to satisfy I do greatly appreciate a job well done. My Pro did an excellent clean yesterday. After completing my priority list, she used her discretion and continued to clean until her time was up which is what the Pros are to do....

    P.N Meriden, CT

  • I couldn't be happier with how wonderful my house looks and smells! The girls really took their time and did a thorough cleaning paying attention to details. I cannot wait to have guests come over and compliment how great the house looks! :) thank yo...

    J.O Newington, CT

  • Love MaidPro, especially since you supply the cleaning supplies, vacuum, etc. It is great. Can't say enough about MY Pro, she is fantastic. She always is pleasant and does an excellent job. Love, love her.

    K.P Cheshire, CT

  • My Pros were professional, thorough and excellent. I cannot express how appreciative I am of the way they paid attention every detail. I hope they will always be the team who comes to help me keep my home clean. Please let them know how much they m...

    W.C Berlin, CT

  • Prompt! Thorough! Did a great job! Would definitely recommend.

    N.M Nothford, CT

  • As soon as I arrive home from work and open the door, a fresh, clean scent reminds me that the house has been cleaned. Really like that.

    D.R Southington, CT

  • The woman that comes in and cleans my home is amazing. Each month I feel like I'm entering a hotel. It smells so nice and wonderful. we have had maid pro for just about a year and I wouldn't consider going to anyone else!

    C.G. Newington,

  • Thank you for the beautiful clean! And Bruno thanks you for his new rope toy ... he has not TOTALLY destroyed it yet, which is remarkable (it helped him distract him from the fireworks over the holiday)! We adore our Pro!

    S.S Wallingford, CT

  • Very easy to work with. My MaidPro contact checked in with me several times. Was very courteous and professional. The cleaning that was done was absolutely amazing!

    J.L Meriden, CT

  • Awesome job!!! Kids and husband comment on what a great job our Pro does for us every time!!! Thank you!!

    M.T Glastonbury, CT

  • Thanks for being cute with my kids toys. He loved his stuffed animal tucked in his neatly made bed. Great to come home to a clean house. Thank you!

    T.S Southington, CT

  • Thank you, to my Pros! And extra special thanks to the ladies for being so sweet to Bruno (he really likes it when you talk to him)! Have a very nice Memorial Day and thank you for always doing a beautiful job! And thank you Customer service staff f...

    S.S Wallingford, CT

  • This was a good experience from start to finish. I received excellent customer service from the time we went over my quote to the end of my cleaning. A team of two cleaned my house...and they were punctual, friendly, and fast. Excellence all around.

    K.N. Southington,

  • Beyond my expectations and than some. Can't say enough about this experience. Never expected such amazing work. We left in awwww

    R.C. Newington, CT

  • Maria was my Dad's Pro and she went above and beyond what we expected. She is especially kind to the elderly and her cleaning was shaky clean. My Dad was soooo happy and loved her. Please extend our gratitude to Maria.

    S.P. Berlin,

  • Our Pro is awesome! Our home looks great and smells wonderful AND she brought a toy for our little dog. How great is that?! Thank you!

    A.C Newington,

  • This was my best cleaning yet! My Pros were just great. They even grabbed my mail for me when the mail man came. They help me with everything I asked and were very friendly!

    N.S Hamden, CT

  • I was exceptionally pleased with my house cleaning yesterday. My Pro did a phenomenal job. She even stripped my bed and re-made it with clean sheets. I was very impressed with this, not that I ever really expect Maid Pro to change my bed, but neverth...

    G.W Southington, CT

  • I recommend my Pros for the excellent job they provide. I'm very pleased with them and will continue to use them when I'm in need for another cleaning. Please let them know. Thank you,

    J.P Wallingford, CT

  • Another wonderful cleaning!! She not only lined up all my son's stuffed animals on his bed, but also folded all my husbands clothes that he forgot to put away by the bed! The Maid Pro team goes above and beyond and that is what I love about them!! I...

    J.N Plantsville, CT

  • Love coming home to the so very clean smell ! Thank you!

    M.G Cromwell, CT

  • I was called away at the last minute a few days before my clean and had to leave my house in a complete state of disarray. There were literally weeks worth of dishes, laundry everywhere, and I'm sure whatever food was out on my counters was awful whe...

    C.W Hamden, CT

  • My Pro did a phenomenal job in my entire house! I came home to a fresh, clean house and I couldn't be happier!! Please let her know she was fabulous!! Thank you! :)

    J.N Plantsville, CT

  • My moms House needed a lot of work!! You did a great JOB!!! The house smells so fresh! Thank you

    L.A Wethersfield, CT

  • Always love coming home to the clean fresh smell ! Love the "little personal touches "!

    M.G Cromwell, CT

  • As always, a great job! I love coming home after they have cleaned! Everything sparkles!

    D.K Wallingford, CT

  • My 17 yr old son commented on how clean our house was! Great job! Very satisfied. Thank you!

    M.T Glastonbury, CT

  • Our Pro is the best! Please thank her again for us.....Curtis (our dog) loves her too!

    L.T Southington, CT

  • Super-fantastic-terrific-wonderful! Thank you!!

    S.S Wallingford, CT

  • The service was great! Professional, efficient, and thorough! It was exactly what I was looking for and will definitely be calling Maid Pro again!

    D.R. Southington, CT

  • We love MaidPro of Central CT! We've been using them for over a year and have never been disappointed. Everyone there is a pleasure to work with! Thank you for all that you do!

    S.S. Wallingford,

  • The Office Manager has done a fabulous job with scheduling personnel to clean my house. She is both pleasant and professional and an attribute to the company.

    P.B. Wallingford, CT

  • Thank you for the great cleaning. The house looked and smelled great! -

    J&KC Cheshire, CT

  • The women came in and got to work immediately. My home was spotless and welcoming. I am grateful to have this help after my surgery. Their professionalism is most appreciated.

    M.R. Wallingford, CT

  • Nice job; Really like coming home to that "clean and fresh" smell.

    L.D. Southington,

  • On a scale of 1-10 ... it's easily a 13!

    S.S. Wallingford, CT

  • Our Pro did a great job as always. She even left a little toy for our doggie. So sweet! The dog loves her. It's nice to know our four-legged friends are treated well.

    C.C. Cromwell,

  • I was very impressed and extremely happy with the service I received. Thank you

    S.M. Wallingford, CT

  • Love walking in to a house that smells incredibly clean!!!! Great job Pros!

    J.N. Southington,

  • Our Pro once again went above an beyond! We are always so thrilled! Thank you

    K.O. Glastonbury,

  • I just wanted to let you know that your staff has done a wonderful four year-old loves the clean house smell and commented that the bathroom was "beautiful". She would like "to marry the cleaning lady"!

    L.K. Southington,

  • Great service I have recommended it to numerous friends.

    J.P. Cromwell,

  • Our Pro is an angel, and possibly a miracle worker. Everything is so neat and tidy and clean. I'm even happier than usual to spend the night at home. I usually try to pick up before she comes but it really got away from me before this cleaning. She d...

    S.S. Wallingford, CT

  • My Pro is awesome, always does the best job!

    K.P. Southington, CT

  • So nice to come back to a nice clean smelling house Great job!

    L.K. Southington, CT

  • The two maids who cleaned my house for me today were very pleasant and personable as well as efficient and knowledgeable. I hope I will be able to have one or both of them back again.

    L.J. Southington, CT

  • Janice is exceptional. We are very, very pleased that she is on the job!!!

    P.H. Southington, CT

  • Great attention to detail. Very happy with the service provided.

    A.D. Wallingford, CT

  • Thanks again to our Pros for doing a great job! I was thrilled to come home and saw that they found my earring that I thought I lost!!!

    R.T. Wallingford, CT

  • Our Pro was pleasant to talk to and did a very nice job cleaning. She did everything I asked.

    M.C. Wallingford, CT

  • Our Pro is the best! Always a superb cleaning! Love her!

    K.K. Berlin,

  • Our Pros were excellent! Very respectful, quiet, did not stop working. Very thorough. On time coming and going. Place smelled and looked great. Wish I could have the service more often, but my budget does not allow. Would not have anyone else. The of...

    M.M. Southington, CT

  • absolutely first rate. real professional. what a relief with a real spring cleaning. J.M.


  • Wonderful, as always! I wish I could rank the clean as a 15 instead of just a 10!! Thank you!

    S.S. Wallingford,

  • I simply could not be more pleased. The level of professionalism from the onset has been superb and the initial cleaning was excellent. I purchased your services to help my daughter and son-in-law who have been through a very rough few years. There w...

    E.J. Wallingford,

  • I just wanted to express appreciation to our Pro. It was apparent she took additional time in vacuuming the area rugs and carpet which is not an easy task picking up all the pet hair. Her attention to detail and presentation of various things such as...

    C.R. North Haven, CT

  • Very pleased with the level of detail that all rooms were cleaned with. I mistakenly forgot to pick up my kids toys off the living room floor the night before my clean, and our Pro did this while clearly moving things around as to not miss vacuuming...

    C.S. Southington, CT

  • Having MaidPro has been a true blessing. As two individuals who work 10 hr days our weekends were then spent cleaning. MaidPro has been given us an opportunity to spend our weekends doing what we would rather be doing. With MaidPro, our home is IMMAC...

    A.G Middletown, CT

  • Our Pro folded laundry that I wasn't able to fold because of hand surgery! This was such a nice surprise! I actually smiled and was so taken back at how sweet this was. I'm not even sure if she knew about my hand. Either way it made my week!

    A.C. Newington, CT

  • Loved the small touches that added extra special tlc to the clean. Loved the towels folded and even though my bed was made they made it look like I was in a hotel suite! I also love how accommodating they were with my dog being loose in the home.

    T.I. Meriden, CT

  • Very happy with my clean. The house still smells clean days later. I surprised when I found my dish towels were all folded nicely in the cabinet. MaidPro did an exceptional job!

    L.K. Southington, CT

  • Everything was perfect. Everything was tidy. Loved that our Pro fixed my daughter's sheets. I had put them on upside down the night before. She catches the little stuff. We like that. We also like the stickers!

    M.S. Wethersfield, CT

  • I loved the way our Pro cleaned the house and went above and beyond to do little things. I came home to a very clean, wonderful smelling house!!! She is awesome!!

    J.N. Southington, CT

  • Your professional staff is wonderful to work with. Thanks so much for an excellent job.

    J.F. Newington, CT

  • I have tried many cleaning services before, but MaidPro is by far the best. My house never looked so good.


  • Thank you MaidPro! My house is sparkling. I'm considering locking my family out so they don't dirty it up again.


  • You guys are awesome. You are single-handedly winning the battle against the pet hair in my house!


  • MaidPro, I love you. You have given my family our weekends back. Thank you!


  • Our house hasn't been this clean since the day we moved in. You guys are the best.


Central Connecticut's premier home cleaners.

At MaidPro Central Connecticut, house cleaning and maid services are our priority. In business since 2007, MaidPro of Central Connecticut is owned by Kathy Ward, who opened her house cleaning company because she was ready for a break from corporate America. She's a fan of MaidPro’s 49-Point Checklist™ because it’s a great way to ensure happy customers with sparkling homes. Kathy loves the winter weather, mountain region and that Phoenix is a big city with a small-city camaraderie. Eager to play her part as a friendly neighbor, she’s excited to spread smiles through clean homes.

Save $75.00

Get $25.00 off your 1st, 3rd and 5th cleans.

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Add a refrigerator clean to any regular cleaning for just $25.00.

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MaidPro Signature Services

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The best recipe for a delicious meal is a spotless kitchen.


We go where you don’t want to.


Spend more time sleeping in your bedroom, not cleaning it.

Living Areas

We clean the living areas while you spend more time, well, living.

Your home, cleaned just the way you like it.

At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.