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Welcome to MaidPro North Kansas City, where we proudly serve the vibrant communities of the Kansas City area. Known for its rich history and iconic landmarks, Kansas City offers a unique blend of culture and charm. From the historic Union Station and the bustling City Market to the world-famous BBQ joints and the beautiful Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City is a city like no other.

Located in Gladstone, Missouri, MaidPro North Kansas City is committed to providing top-quality, personalized cleaning services to residents throughout the Kansas City State Line area. Experience the best of Kansas City living with MaidPro North Kansas City!

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MaidPro cleaning PRO cleaning a bathroom in Kansas City, MO

House Cleaning Services in North Kansas City

At MaidPro, we stand by our 49-point checklist cleaning system to ensure a thorough deep cleaning for your entire home. Our insured, bonded and background-checked cleaning PROs are ready to provide your home, apartment, condo or business with the professional cleaning you've been searching for. Whether you're in need of a one-time cleaning or recurring deep clean, MaidPro North Kansas City has a house cleaning service available for you.

Our Services Include:

Not quite finding the cleaning service that you're looking for? Have no fear, contact MaidPro for other cleaning services, add-ons or to find the easy scheduling and flexibility you need to get your home cleaned, on your time!

Why Choose MaidPro?

Since 2012, MaidPro has proudly offered top-tier house cleaning services to all residents of the State Line and Kansas City, Missouri! We are known for our exceptional customer service, MaidPro's 49-point cleaning checklist, and our cleaning guarantee- with MaidPro, you are only getting the best housekeeping and cleaning professionals as our PROs are carefully selected, trained and insured to make sure your family feels the value we bring!

If you're not fully satisfied with our work, MaidPro North Kansas City is proud to offer our 24-hour reclean guarantee! Where we will come back to your home and complete the job at hand, the right way!

Home Cleaning Professionals in North Kansas City, MO

At MaidPro, creating perfectly clean houses is our priority. We are in North KC but also deliver personalized cleaning services to these other surrounding areas and communities:

Not finding your location? Not to worry, there could be a MaidPro location near you! Book your professional cleaning services today with the best cleaning team in Kansas.

What Separates MaidPro?

MaidPro distinguishes itself from other house cleaning services and competitors in North Kansas City for several key reasons:

  • Commercial Cleaning: MaidPro North Kansas City is proud to offer commercial cleaning services as well as residential! From doctors and dentists' offices to assisted living homes and facilities, the team at MaidPro is dedicated to making sure every resident is getting the best from their cleaning services from a team that cares!

  • Interior Window Cleaning: Do your home's windows need a good wash? You're in luck, MaidPro North Kansas City is proud to offer interior window cleaning as part of their additional services! When MaidPro comes in to do their 49-point cleaning checklist, they'll be sure to mark off your home's interior glass and windows as well!

  • 49-Point Cleaning Checklist: MaidPro North Kansas City follows MaidPro's signature 49-point checklist to ensure a thorough and consistent cleaning, every single time. This detailed checklist covers all the areas of your home, from the obvious to the often overlooked, ensuring no corner is left untouched.

  • Customized & Flexible Cleaning Schedules: We offer personalized cleaning plans and schedules tailored to meet the needs of each client individually. On top of customized scheduling, we are proud to offer contract-free services so no sign-on is required! Whether you need a one-time deep clean, regular home cleaning services, or specialized cleanings for specific occasions, MaidPro is ready to adapt its services to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Greener Cleaning: MaidPro is proud to use environmentally friendly cleaning products and services to ensure a safe and healthy environment for clients, cleaning PROs, and leaving a healthy world around us.

  • Locally Owned Business: MaidPro North Kansas City is locally owned and operated since 2012, by a family who are dedicated to fostering a strong connection within the community. This local ownership ensures a higher level of accountability and a steadfast commitment to providing the best customer service and home cleaning services to all of Kansas.

  • Top-Tier Cleaning Services & Excellence: We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in everything we do. From premier home cleaning services to cleaning PROs who truly love what they do. MaidPro is ready to deliver you the exceptional customer service you should expect from house cleaning services. Contact the experts at MaidPro North Kansas City, Kansas, today!

What Our
Customers Have To Say

This was Bobbi’s first time at our home & she did an excellent job! Appreciate the fact that she did not hesitate to ask questions if she was unsure about anything.


Austin and Bobbi came out today and were nothing short of amazing. 100 stars!


Alexis did a great job cleaning our home! Thanks, MAIDPRO!


Callie M. Did a fantastic job. We have a room with bookshelves on all walls and she dusted every single book! The house had not been cleaned in a month and she had it sparkling with clean...


Austin R. did an incredible job deep cleaning my house. He was courteous, friendly, and on time. I enjoyed talking with him about our pets. Austin's attention to detail and the quality of his work...


She did an awesome job and is extremely friendly.


We were first time users. Madeline did a great job. Everything was dusted and cleaned or polished. The house smells clean. Look forward to the next time.


Callie always does such a wonderful job! It's a pleasure to have her in my home. She's thorough, friendly, and my cats love her too! Having this service has had such a positive influence on my...


Callie did a great job cleaning today. She was very thorough and friendly. I would gladly have her back for another clean!


Nicky did a Fantastic job cleaning for us today! Thank You!!


I am mostly satisfied with the way maidpro has conducted everything. Avery, in particular, did a stellar job. 5/5 to Avery specifically, phenomenal, and seemed to be their norm. Most if not all...


Great job by Callie. Thank you Maidpro.


First cleaning with MaidPro was more than expected. Madeline did an excellent job. I am happy with the MaidPro service.



Save $100.00

Get $40.00 off your 1st and $30 off your 3rd and 5th cleans.
Offer good for any recurring service. New customers only. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Save $25.00

Get $25 off when you schedule a one-time cleaning.
New customers only. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

The MaidPro
49-Point Checklist™

No one knows your home better than you, and no one spends more time there. That's why, before we start cleaning, we always ask what areas you think need the most attention in your home. From there, we reference our 49-Point Checklist to ensure all of your home's likely trouble areas are fully taken care of.

The MaidPro49-Point Checklist™
a living room with a couch and a table

Living Areas

  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed

  • Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened

  • Ceiling fans dusted (height restrictions apply)

  • Lamps cleaned and lampshades dusted

  • Picture frames dusted

  • Furniture dusted - on top, on front and underneath

  • Hardwood floors vacuumed and/or washed

  • Tile floors vacuumed and/or washed

  • Hallways and stairs vacuumed and/or washed

  • Carpets vacuumed

  • Windowsills cleaned (blinds dusted upon request)

  • Baseboards dusted

  • Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates

  • Trash emptied

  • General straightening completed

a kitchen with white cabinets


  • Appliance exteriors cleaned (interiors upon request)

  • Microwave exterior/interior cleaned

  • Tables and chairs cleaned

  • Countertops and backsplash disinfected (all items removed and replaced)

  • Cabinet fronts cleaned

  • Sinks scrubbed and disinfected (dishes upon request)

  • Floor vacuumed and/or washed

  • Windowsills cleaned (blinds dusted upon request)

  • Baseboards dusted

  • Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates

  • Trash emptied

a person reading a book on a bed with stuffed animals


  • Beds made (linens changed upon request)

  • Lamps cleaned and lampshades dusted

  • Picture frames dusted

  • Furniture dusted - top, front and underneath

  • Floors vacuumed and/or washed (under bed if accessible)

  • Windowsills cleaned (blinds dusted upon request)

  • Baseboards dusted

  • Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates

  • Trash emptied

  • Mirrors cleaned

  • General straightening completed

a bathroom with a toilet and bathtub


  • Tub and shower tiles scrubbed, disinfected and rinsed

  • Toilets disinfected inside and out

  • Chrome fixtures cleaned and shined

  • Towels neatly hung and folded

  • Countertops disinfected (all items removed and replaced)

  • Cabinet front cleaned

  • Sinks scrubbed and disinfected

  • Floors vacuumed and/or washed

  • Windowsills cleaned (blinds dusted upon request)

  • Baseboards dusted

  • Trash emptied

  • Mirrors cleaned

Your home, cleaned just
The way you like it

At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.

a group of people posing for a photo

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clean today

house cleaner organizing toys on bed

MaidPro North Kansas City
House Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning

Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time cleaning, it's time to discover the magic of MaidPro. Your home will be cleaned to your highest expectations by trained professionals at surprisingly affordable rates.

With most of our customers we follow our 49-Point Checklist™, carefully cleaning the entire home, paying special attention to bathrooms and kitchens, floors and dusting. We don't just make the beds, we also clean underneath them. We'll vacuum, polish, and scrub our way through your house until everything is cleaned just the way you want it.

Need something done that you don't see on our 49-Point Checklist™? Need us to pay special attention to one area of your house? We're happy to customize a cleaning plan to suit your specific needs, or add special instructions whenever you need that something extra. MaidPro's services are built around you: your home and your priorities. We take pride in providing cleaning services that match your needs and your budget.

Oven Cleaning

Don't want to get on your hands and knees and scrub the inside of that oven? Don't! Your cleaning PRO will make sure every inch is sparkling and mess-free.

Want to add on this service? Just contact your local MaidPro office and let them know you want this cooking machine spotless for your next meal.

Fridge Cleaning

It's amazing how something that just holds your yummy food can get so, well, icky. No matter the size of the mess, rest assured, your edibles will be living in squeaky clean bliss. Want to add on this service?

Just contact your local MaidPro office and let them know you want this chilly box spotless for your next grocery run.

Home Cleaning Services
Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to clean my home?

The time it takes MaidPro PROs to clean your space depends on house size, bathrooms, pets, and other factors. MaidPro customizes cleans to fit your needs—big or small!

How much does a professional home cleaning cost?
MaidPro North Kansas City offers extraordinary value! While cost varies, it's very reasonable for a professional, customized service that includes trained PROs, background checks, insurance, and the backing of a company that's cleaned homes for over 20 years!

What services are included in a standard home cleaning?
Every professional cleaning service that MaidPro provides is guided by our 49-Point Checklist™. This is MaidPro's way of providing the guarantee of what tasks will be completed by the PROs in your home's cleaning services. Feel free to contact MaidPro North Kansas City for special requests not covered by the 49-point checklist.

Who will be cleaning my Kansas home?
MaidPro is very careful to select, vet, and train every one of our PROs. You're getting only the best housekeeping professionals around, employed, bonded, and insured by MaidPro [Location Name].

Do I need to be home for you to come clean my house?
MaidPro is very careful to select, vet and train every one of our PROs. You're getting only the best housekeeping professionals around, employed, bonded and insured by MaidPro.

What should I do before MaidPro arrives?
No need to run the vacuum before we arrive—that's what you hire us for! However, for the most efficient and effective clean, we ask that you please pick up any toys, clothing, or trash before we arrive. Also, make sure your pets are somewhere comfortable so we don't disrupt their peace. For more information on what we need from you to help make our clean a success, visit our Before & After Your Clean page.

What if I need to reschedule a clean?
We understand things happen and you may not be able to keep your scheduled cleaning services—that's OK! Just please let us know a minimum of 2 business days in advance of your appointment and we'll do our best to shift your schedule. When rescheduling or canceling your home-cleaning services, please contact your local MaidPro.

Is MaidPro Pet Friendly? Not only are we animal lovers, but we also use only animal (and kid) safe products. That means that you don't need to worry if your fluffy friend licks the floor after we're done mopping it.

Do you offer deep cleaning? At MaidPro North Kansas City, we pride ourselves on thorough cleans where the details are looked after, every time. We make sure we always do the small details like baseboards, window sills, and doorknobs. Take a look at our 49-Point Checklist to see the details of our home cleaning services. Our team is happy to customize the cleaning services for you and your family.

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