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Customers love MaidPro Parker, CO

  • I very much appreciated Emily and the home office Friday. There was a miscommunication for my scheduled cleaning but Emily was a trooper and with permission, stayed until everything was sorted out satisfactorily. She was a real trooper and did a terr...

    Andi C. Franktown, CO

  • Sierra did a great job of listening, recording information and requests. The team in training also did a very good job.

    Vicki H. Englewood, CO

  • Thanks for keeping Raylene on our house. She is efficient, professional, and I enjoy her presentation! Best!

    Sandra H 80134, CO

  • Ali was fantastic! She worked hard and did a terrific job. She was very easy to work with.

    Cate B. Elizabeth, CO

  • I have movement limitations and my husband will not even let me own a vacuum cleaner. No need. They leave the floors so that I am never tempted to clean them myself. Not a spot. They go above and beyond and take the initiative to change things so I c...

    Theresa B. Aurora, CO

  • I have absolutely no complaints about Maid Pro. I have used the same person for over a year and she is awesome and trustworthy. Also, I have had to make a couple of changes to my frequency of service and have never had a problem. Excellent company!!

    Laura C. Aurora, CO

  • The house is always immaculate and this week I asked if they could wipe down the entry door and it was pretty and clean. I am so thrilled to have them, I would starve before I gave up this luxury.

    Deana H. Elizabeth, CO

  • Amanda was efficient and very thorough. She was considerate of our needs and prioritized her work to allow us needed access, since we had on going activities during the entire cleaning period. Our house is now very clean and that is a positive mood b...

    Richard E. Parker, CO

  • Great first clean. Ladies were prompt and professional and very friendly. House looked great!

    Lisa G. Aurora, CO

  • My home has been looking better with each appointment. I'm so pleased with the professional care.

    Pamala G. Franktown, CO

  • The girl who cleaned today was very nice and eager to please. She represented your company well.

    Kathy M. Aurora, CO

  • My home has not been serviced at this excellent level in a long time. My home is thanking Maidpro after the Holiday festivities! And pros do make a difference.

    Pam G. Franktown, CO

  • Everything was great. Our house looked wonderful.

    Denise W. Parker, CO

  • Incredibly thorough, contentious, and courteous! Wonderful job!

    Oliver F. Parker, CO

  • Awesome ladies...great cleaning job. Very happy with everything. Thank you.

    Colleen S. Aurora, CO

  • Thank you for your service, and dedication :)

    Amanda Davis Aurora, CO

  • Always perfectly clean...thank you for doing such a wonderful job!!

    Annette K. Aurora, CO

  • Great job today! Everything seems perfect!!

    Beth N. Parker, CO

  • Was on time, very polite and did a very good job of cleaning.

    Barbara D. Parker, CO

  • Everything looked GREAT! Thank you!

    Dianna W. Aurora, CO

  • My house looked amazing, even with things still in packing mode. I love the days of my MaidPro service!

    Michelle W. Englewood, CO

  • Excellent job guys...I know this was a tough clean, plus I was out of town on a family emergency.....How wonderful to come home to a clean house today!!!!! Thanks!

    Janet P. Elizabeth, CO

  • Awesome! So wonderful to come home to a clean house. Thank you.

    Denise L. Larkspur, CO

  • Nicely and competently done, as usual. Thank you

    Andy C. Franktown, CO


    Lisa O. Englewood, CO

  • As always our home was not only clean but extremely clean.

    Latanya B. Aurora, CO

  • Your team does an amazing job - I'm so happy that after my research, I selected MaidPro. Thank you!

    Michelle W. Englewood, CO

  • Very nice job. I was very impressed with the cleaning. The towels in the bthrm were fixed up lke in a hotel. Thank u!!! Look forward to my next cleaning!!

    Layla V. Elizabeth, CO

  • What a joy to come home to a sparkling clean house! Nothing overlooked; I was extremely satisfied with the job your Cleaner did for me yesterday.

    Patricia B. Castle Rock, CO

  • Another superb job. I admire her ability to work around my 2 dogs and 1 (new) cat when I'm not here! Thanks to you all.

    Andi C. Franktown, CO

  • Always a great job!

    Matt W. Aurora, CO

  • Very clean and efficient job.

    Mark G Englewood, CO

  • The girls did a great job! I am very happy with my first service with MaidPro.

    Jennifer E. Parker, CO

  • We tried a different service and their work did not compare to the service that MaidPro provides. We are so happy to back in the exceptional care of MaidPro.

    Latanya B. Aurora, CO

  • Our MaidPro professional did an absolutely fantastic job with our clean and I am super pleased with her excellent service! A big thank you

    Mandi D. Englewood, CO

  • Great work, as always! Thanks to all at Maidpro

    Andi C. Franktown, CO

  • Nicely done. Smelled wonderful. A pleasure to come home to a clean house after a long day at work. Thanks.

    Caroline L. Parker, CO

  • The girl who came today worked so hard and did a phenomenal job! Very happy with you guys, yet again... :)

    Adriana J. Parker, CO

  • Excellent and professional service!! Thank you MaidPro!!!

    Susan B. Parker, CO

  • Great as usual

    Laura C. Aurora, CO

  • A beautiful job.

    Caroline L. Parker, CO

  • The kids love how you tuck their animals into their beds!

    Annette K. Aurora, CO

  • It's like I came home to a hotel! It was perfect and I think I made a great decision on hiring Maidpro

    Laura C. Aurora, CO

  • I can always count on a job well done!

    Paula B. Parker, CO

  • Always friendly and productive.

    Matt W. Aurora, CO

  • Excellent as always!! Thank you MaidPro!!

    Susan B. Parker, CO

  • The service is consistent! Thank you girls! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Paula B. Parker, CO

  • So wonderful to come home to a clean house! A great job..

    Robert G. Parker, CO

  • Beautiful job! Thanks.

    Caroline L. Parker, CO

  • THANK YOU!! House is sparkling thanks for the asking for the extra time, it was necessary!

    Denise M. Englewood, CO

  • Coming home to my perfectly clean house is a joy

    Rachel G. Parker, CO

  • Everything was cleaned and toys and other items were organized and neatly laid out, which was more than expected.

    Hilary S. Aurora, CO

  • I have never been happy with other companies. So far, you guys have not let me down. Thank you so much. I just can't clean anymore physically.

    Natalie C. Elizabeth, CO

  • I am impressed by the response to fix the problems.

    Hilary S. Aurora, CO

  • Great Job!!

    Joe A. Aurora, CO

  • Excellent!!!!

    Susan Parker, CO

  • Great clean, really liked the gals.

    Scott D. Parker, CO

  • It's so wonderful to come home to a clean house!

    Molli H. Parker, CO

  • Did a great job, loved that no one was judgemental about the state of my house, look forward to having them back in two weeks.

    Elizabeth D. Elizabeth, CO

  • Excellent, as always

    Andi C. Franktown, CO

  • Wanted a service we do not provide: Need us to include a laundry service as they were going to be corporate apartments.

    Susan B. Parker, CO

  • That was the best cleaning we've ever had!

    Renee L. Aurora, CO

  • Extremely happy with the service.

    Hilary S. Aurora, CO

  • The cleaning crew did such an exceptional job!! It far exceeded mine and my wife's high expectations. I couldn't have dreamt of a better job!!

    Paul M. Parker, CO

  • I appreciate that I can leave and not worry about safety!

    Paula B. Parker, CO

  • A few extra touches this month made is especially wonderful. Bed was re-made to look like a hotel! And toothbrush holder was even cleaned. Well done and thank you!

    Cheryl J. Parker, CO

  • Everything was perfect. Thanks.

    Carolyn L. Parker, CO

  • I am so happy with and grateful for everything she did! I will use your service again for special occasions! Thanks very much! Marie

    Marie L. Parker, CO

  • We were so pleased to come home to a very clean home. Great job!! Totally satisfied

    Robert G. Parker, CO

  • Really good job! So nice to come home to a clean house!!

    Kim M. Aurora, CO

  • The job was awesome! Will use again!

    Mark M. Aurora, CO

  • I am very happy with my clean home! I really appreciated you coming back to fix the few things that were missed. Thank you!!!

    Sara S. Parker, CO

  • Very well done. You guys did an excellent job and looking forward to your services for the future.

    Marcie S. Parker, CO

  • Marissa did a wonderful job. I loved the little special touches like the artfully made beds and the bathroom washcloth figures. Thank you

    Kim A. Elizabeth, CO


    Caroline L. Parker, CO

  • It was so nice to come home to a clean and neat house! And thank you for cleaning my basement on short notice, before I left I found out that I would have company Wednesday! Thanks, again. Paula

    Paula B. Parker, CO

  • Rachel was great and it really mattered to her that we were happy. She spent a lot of time cleaning everything so it was done right!!

    Cyndi H. Franktown, CO

  • The MaidPro staff is always very professional and friendly. They do a great job!!

    Avery H. Parker, CO

  • Last 2 cleaning jobs have been fantastic ... keep up the good work!

    Travis G. Parker, CO

  • My home always looks so sparkly clean and smells so fresh and nice after Jackie has been here. Thank you, MaidPro- all staff members!

    Andi C. Franktown, CO

  • Know how much we appreciate how thoroughly she cleans our home. She's amazing!

    Justen H. Castle Rock, CO

  • You did a FABULOUS job!!! Thank you!!!

    Kay M. Parker, CO

  • I really appreciate the clean house!

    Renee L. Aurora, CO

  • So grateful that during this difficult time medically, MaidPro has been there to ease some of the burden. Amazing job each time & I can't express my gratitude enough!

    Avery H. Parker, CO

  • Great job and friendly service, as usual! Thanks!

    Susie S. Parker, CO

  • Rachel got to the house before me (I had been out of town on business) the house was NOT picked up to my satisfaction BY MY FAMILY before Rachel was to arrive frankly and I'm sorry about that! She did an awesome job.. WITH the additional clutter!!!

    Denise M. Englewood, CO

  • Love coming home to my clean house!!

    Annette K. Aurora, CO

  • Terrific job!! Professional and so nice.

    Matt W. Aurora, CO

  • No superlatives I haven't used before!

    Andi C. Franktown, CO

  • My father and husband both said the cleaning was wonderful/superb. They were very impressed, and my husband would have them come and do our home.

    Marie N. 80013, CO

  • It was really, really clean. We are very happy with our cleaner.

    MaryBeth M. Parker, CO

  • Professional, nice and thoughtful. Thank you very much!

    Matt W. Aurora, CO

  • Jackie clean great.... and I am picky!!! I hope I never loose her! Claudia

    Claudia F. Elizabeth, CO

  • Thank you, everything looked great!

    Kristin P. Parker, CO

  • Great job!

    Paula B. Parker, CO

  • Kristin did an amazing job! I'm very thankful that Cleaning For A Reason provides this service for cancer patients and that Maid Pro is a partner. This helps our family out so very much! THANK YOU!!

    Harrison Family Parker, CO

  • Rachel did an excellent job! She goes the extra mile and works so hard.

    Maggie R. Parker, CO

  • Stephanie did a great job, for it being her first time "tackling" our home.

    Marilyn B. Parker, CO

  • Amanda is GREAT!

    Salome W. Elizabeth, CO

  • Kristin did an amazing job! I'm very thankful that Cleaning For A Reason provides this service for cancer patients and that Maid Pro is a partner. This helps our family out so very much! THANK YOU!! -The Harrison Family

    A. Harrison Parker, CO

  • Thank you, everything was great!!

    Shaundra M. Parker, CO

  • Thanks ladies!! Looks great.

    Denise M. Englewood, CO

  • Rachel always does an amazing job!!

    Annette K. Aurora, CO

  • Stephanie is terrific. I really enjoy having her in my home and the dogs like her a lot, too! She's a nice young woman who does a wonderful job with my home.

    Andi C. Franktown, CO

  • She was awesome! Super fast but thorough

    Jannette M. Aurora, CO

  • Jackie was just great! I She does a great job.

    Claudia F. Elizabeth, CO

  • Kirsten was excellent! I would love to see her all the time!

    Susan B. Parker, CO

  • These girls are the BEST!! Thank you so much!!

    Kim W. Parker, CO

  • London has done an excellent job that last two times--the best we have had in a very long time. Thanks and I hope we can keep having her!

    Ann V. Englewood, CO

  • I was very happy with the service provided. I especially found their cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchen to particularly thorough.

    Robert K. Aurora, CO

  • Rachel is wonderful and so thoughtful!!!

    Kristin G. Aurora, CO

  • Thank you ladies! Now that is what I call clean!! I owe you ladies a bigger tip!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Kim W. Parker, CO

  • Good job, appreciated the supervisor stopping by to check on the work.

    Matt W. Aurora, CO

  • With an effort to make it right (and the 24 hour guarantee), the new crew of Rachel & Kim really worked hard today after I called in a request to have a few things done over in our master bath. Rachel & Kim went way beyond what I asked and I really a...

    Maggie R. Parker, CO

  • Stephanie is welcome in my home anytime. She's wonderful with my dogs; never mind that she does a terrific job making my home sparkle-not an easy task. Thank you for sending her!

    Andi C. Franktown, CO

  • House looked great today. My favorite thing to come home to is perfectly made beds and clean bathrooms. Thanks!

    Sarah M. Parker, CO

  • They were pleasant, professional, and on time. They put in the extra effort to get the house clean. I look forward to seeing them next time!

    Susan B. Parker, CO

  • I was so impressed with today's cleaning !!! Thank you so much for such a nice, clean house to walk in to today. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and I will see you in the new year.

    Connie C. Parker, CO

  • Happy Holidays and thank you for the fridge treat! Nice thought!

    Andi C. Franktown, CO

  • Alissa was great! She completed all the cleaning I needed. I hope she will be coming next time. She was professional and efficient.

    Jannette M. Aurora, CO

  • Excellent job!! Thank you so much!

    Kim W. Parker, CO

  • Erin did an amazing job, there were lots of special touches. My home looked beautiful an was nearly spotless. I'm so happy I changed to Maid pro from marry maids... There is no comparison! Maureen

    Maureen S. Parker, CO

  • I was so impressed with how friendly both girls were! They did a fantastic job also. Absolutely perfect! Thanks!

    Kate B. Parker, CO

  • I have been extremely pleased with my last two cleanings ! Rachel and Alyssa are wonderful. They pay close attention to detail and make sure your home is spotless. I would recommend those two ladies if you are looking for FANTASTIC work.

    Monica O. Aurora, CO

  • The ladies were thorough, professional and fun! Would highly recommend them and will use the service again.

    Amanda N. Aurora, CO

  • The young lady that cleaned my place; arrived on time, came in and went right to work. She did a great job!

    Darryl E. Parker, CO

  • Chyna and Sequoia you girls ROCK!! Thank you so much! You're the best! Awesome job!!

    Kim W. Parker, CO

  • Everything was spotless and smelled so nice. Thanks.

    Caroline L. Parker, CO

  • Excellent Job, Katherine!

    Leslie R. Franktown, CO

  • Alyssa did a great job!

    Annette K. Aurora, CO

  • Thank you for the great customer service and coming back to clean. It all looks great!!!!

    Connie C. Parker, CO

  • Autumn did a terrific job, as usual! She works really hard and I am always pleased with everything when she is done.

    Jeanne B. Littleton, CO

  • Wonderful job, as always!

    Andi C. Franktown, CO

  • Jackie is doing an exceptional job. We are very pleased with her work.

    Carol B. Parker, CO

  • Yuan does a great job! Thanks for making my life so much easier!

    Molli H. Parker, CO

  • We couldn't be happier with the clean we get from Yuan. She does an awesome job. .

    MaryBeth M. Parker, CO

  • Jackie did a fabulous job as always!!! I always love her extra touches..folding the towels...even a swan in the master bath! ( Also Kleenex and TP!) Thank you Jackie!

    Linda A. Castle Rock, CO

  • Thanks, loving every other Wednesday around here.. :)

    Denise M. Englewood, CO

  • Was wonderful. I had forgotten they were coming, and it was so nice to walk into a clean home!

    Kelly M. Parker, CO

  • I'm very satisfied with the results of the move out cleaning that was just done. I had high expectations and they were exceeded. Thank you

    Justin U. Parker, CO

  • Lorena is always friendly and does a great job with our dirty house. I immediately noticed the fresh smell when I walked in the house that evening. Thanks for the great job.

    Sarah M. Parker, CO

  • Yvonne was very nice and didn't mind our dogs, so that was a huge plus! Very good job!

    Tori R. Parker, CO

  • Tresh did a great job on the master bedroom/bathroom retouch! Not a trace of dust, no residue on the shower, clean floor creases, and I don't think I've ever seen a shine on my make-up mirror like that! :-)

    Chris P. Parker, CO

  • Today was my first clean with any cleaning service and MaidPro Parker far exceeded my expectations. From the shoes lined up by the door to the fancily folded kitchen towels to the tissue folded like a flower the attention to detail was amazing. Not o...

    Cheryl J. Parker, CO

  • It's not enough that Lorena gives me joy, but last Friday, she reorganized my husband's shoes. This caused him to clap his hands and say, "She IS awesome!!" Which I already knew. He's never been happy with any of our house-cleaners or housekeepers un...

    Gina W. Parker, CO

  • The attention to detail was great. I loved how all the towels were folded and everything was neatly arranged, but it was all arranged so I could get to it (arranged low and not out of reach). Great job!

    Beth N. Parker, CO

  • Your staff never fails to get the small things. Everything is always taken care of. Great job!!

    Randy M. Aurora, CO

  • Jackie does a great job!

    Marianne W. Franktown, CO

  • Excellent job. Thanks Jackie!

    Leslie R. Franktown, CO

  • The cleaning today was AWESOME! Best one we have had since we started with MaidPro. Thank You!!!!!

    Tiffany G. Castle Rock, CO

  • Great attention to detail! My bathroom looks amazing! Jessica even cleaned the floor under my bird cage! I will be dropping a cash tip off at the office. It was nice to be able to end an otherwise undesirable day.

    Bre J. Parker, CO

  • I felt you did a very good job and used good judgement under the circumstances.. Thank you for your kindness and advice.

    Sally B. Parker, CO

  • Great service! We were able to book Tasha & Erin on short notice which was very much appreciated! They were friendly and efficient. They went above and beyond my expectations. Very pleased with the service they both provided! THANK YOU!

    Marianne B. Parker, CO

  • Everything was great. Thank you

    Shaundra M. Parker, CO

  • You guys are the best! Thank you!

    Kim W. Parker, CO

  • She is so pleased with Jackye and so thankful that she is their Service Professional. She does a great job.

    Julie S. Parker, CO

  • Kayla and Jessica left me a nice note about doing as much as they could with my shower in the master and the stove top, two key areas that I wanted focus on cleaning from the last time I had the house cleaned. A nice touch.

    Tashawna R. Parker, CO

  • Jackie always does a wonderful job making my home spotless. She''s a pleasure to have in my home.

    Andi C. Franktown, CO

  • The girls were very friendly and sweet! They did a great job! Thanks!

    Molli H. Parker, CO

  • Lorena puts Martha Stewart to shame. My house was so clean it was insane. And the biggest surprise was that she arranged the disaster that I call my shoe closet. That may sound like a simple thing but I have nearly 100 pairs of shoes and she matched...

    Gina W. Parker, CO

  • Everything looked GREAT!!!!!! My daughter thought it was really nice she filled out her dry erase calendar for her =)

    Vicky M. Parker, CO

  • Jessica is always very thoughtful and adds little extra touches :)

    Kristin G. Aurora, CO

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At MaidPro Parker, creating clean houses are our priority. We are located in Parker, CO and deliver personalized cleaning services to Aurora, Castle Rock, Centennial, Elizabeth, Englewood, Franktown, Greenwood Village, Larkspur and Parker. Whether you want shiny floors or sparkling bathrooms, just call us for all your Parker house cleaning needs.

MaidPro Parker is especially proud of MaidPro’s 49-Point Checklist™ and value the chrome fixtures being cleaned and shined because it can really brighten a room—and a customer’s day! 

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At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.