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Deep Bathroom Cleaning

Dirty Bathrooms? Deep Clean.

Bathrooms can be breeding grounds for dirt, mold, and bacteria. Even though you regularly clean the toilet and wipe down the sink, all the moisture, soap scum, and toothpaste can collect to form nasty, slimy messes that need to be rooted out.

To keep things from getting out of hand, you need to use some extra elbow grease every so often. But who has time for that? Thankfully, with MaidPro's Deep Cleaning services, you can get the clean, sanitized bathroom you deserve without having to put in the work.

Each of our bathroom cleans is guided by our 49-Point Checklist, so you can feel confident you're getting a thorough clean every time.

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All of our bathroom cleaning visits include everything you expect us to cover, plus more, such as:

  • Tub and shower tiles scrubbed, disinfected, and rinsed
  • Inside and outside of toilets disinfected
  • All chrome fixtures cleaned and shined
  • Countertops disinfected
  • Windowsills cleaned
  • Cabinet fronts cleaned
  • Baseboards dusted
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Sink scrubbed and disinfected
  • Floors vacuumed and/or washed
  • Trash emptied
  • Towels neatly hung and folded

If your bathroom has a specific or special need, just ask! Our PROs want to help you get a clean that will make you happy, and they'll work with you to try accommodating your request.

Whether you're getting ready for spring or planning to move out, or you're just looking to host family for the holidays, MaidPro has you covered. You'll get that "Ahh" feeling of deep-cleaned bathrooms without all the work!

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