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Customers love MaidPro St. George

  • Today's cleaning was especially good! I can't believe she gets my house looking like this in such a short amount of time. Thank you!!!

    L.B St. George, UT

  • The workers were fast and very efficient. I look forward to working with them again.

    D.D. St. George, UT

  • Solution for the summer heat? One cool cleaning job from MaidPro! Thanks Sam, awesome job as always!

    R.O. St. George, UT

  • They were prompt, worked quickly, didn't waste any time. Very polite and did a wonderful job. I plan to use them again.

    L.B. St. George, UT

  • Just getting back to our home after it was cleaned on 5/15. It looks wonderful! Even my kitchen cabinets had been straightened up! Berenice did an excellent job!

    S.N. St. George, UT

  • Staff was very cooperative and willing to do whatever they can to please the customer.

    P.F. Saint George, UT

  • If someone invents an app that gives me a little electrical shock every time I make a mess I might not need MaidPro anymore. But until then I count on MaidPro and Samantha to keep my place shockingly clean!

    R.O. Saint George, UT

  • I am always pleased with the job that is done and the cheerful willingness of Sam If I make a special or different request. She is a delight to have in my home and brings an air of sweetness with her. I appreciate all she does and her kind courtesy t...

    K.W. Santa Clara, UT

  • This was my first time having Sam doing my cleaning. I couldn't be happier with the job that she did. She was totally awesome. Very professional and also personable. Looking forward to seeing her next month!

    D.S. Saint George, UT

  • Great job as always! The house was spotless, and I especially appreciate that the dog nose smudges had been wiped off the windows. I always love the towel and toilet paper turns as well. Thanks so much

    S.N. St. George, UT

  • Samantha transferred the sparkle in her eyes to a sparkle in my home! But if she cleans more than one home doesn't she run out of eyeballs? Thanks for the awesome job Sam!

    R.O. St. George, UT

  • Janel and Terry did a great job.

    L.S. St. George, UT

  • Loved these ladies. If I can get them each time it would be wonderful.

    T.M. St. George, UT

  • Excellent service. Thank you so much!!

    Amy Miller Ivins, UT

  • I am so very happy with the lovely job Deb, Janell and Camy did on our home! Because it was a 2015 Parade of Homes home (with all of the traffic that entails), and hadn't been sold or lived in for over a year, there were cobwebs in high places, and d...

    L.U. St. George,

  • I may have just opened a can of worms for you guys. I have passed on your information to our Rental Department. We have over 300 rental properties that need to be cleaned in between tenants. Thank you for doing a quality job, and being so easy to wor...

    T.E. St. George,

  • If cleanliness is next to Godliness then my house must be a church because it is CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! Thanks Samantha!

    R.O. St. George,

  • Nice and tidy! Thank you!

    R.O St. George,

  • SOOOO Happy and satisfied with service!!!! Every room cleaned perfectly....AGAIN!!!!! Thank you for all you do!!!

    L.M. St. George,

  • They were fast & thorough. Thank you

    S.M. St. George,

  • V is the best.

    LW Bloomington, UT

  • Janell and Claudia did an AWESOME job. Great team work! Very pleased with the service. I would totally recommend MaidPro to everyone! :)

    AG St George, UT

  • Fantastic!

    SH Washington, UT

  • Sam always does such a good job!!!!!!

    AK Hurricane, UT

  • Thank you Janell & Sarah for another wonderful clean. Love these two girls. The treats left for Ryle and Morris was a big surprise. Again, thank you. One thing to mention.... You forgot your tip. It will be here the next time you come. Have a wonderf...

    SM Hurricane, UT

  • I definitely want to give these girls each a $20 tip I am so happy with my clean please add the tip for each of them and let them know how much I appreciate the wonderful job that they are doing

    KB Washington, UT

  • A perfectly clean home only reminds me of what a slob I am in reality! Could you please ask Samantha to leave a tiny amount of dirt, dust or debris behind at her next cleaning? That will make me feel much better about the mess that I make in between...

    RO St George, UT

  • I didn't expect dishes to be done and hey did them. Thank you so much!

    SH Washington, UT

  • hank you Janell & Sarah for another wonderful clean. Love these two girls. The treats left for Ryle and Morris was a big surprise. Again, thank you. Have a wonderful weekend.

    SM Hurricane, UT

  • Never disappointed. Always happy to walk in after MaidPro has been here. Many thanks to your employees and especially Sam!!!!

    AK Hurricane, UT

  • Samantha always does a wonderful job and takes great care to keep everything sparkling and looking like new!

    RO St George, UT

  • I love that they come on they start to work immediately without wasting any time. Very willing to add a wipe off this or that !!!

    SM St George, UT

  • Carlee has been one of the ladies that has been cleaning our house since day one! She does such an amazing job along with the other girls! We wouldn't want anyone else cleaning our house!

    ES St George, UT

  • They were fast & thorough. Thank you

    SM St. George, UT

  • Sam does such a good job. She makes my life easier!

    AK Hurricane, UT

  • I was so thankful for the promptness and availability of people to be able to come in just a few days! The ladies were wonderful in every way very thorough and friendly. I would call Maid Pro again. Thank you!!

    J A St George, UT

  • The girls did such a great job! My house looked amazing! I have never seen my fridge and faucets sparkle like that!!!

    RG SG, UT

  • Yosemite Samantha took my house by storm and did a "rootin' tootin' high falutin' good job!' Not even Bugs Bunny could complain about the great job Yosemite Samantha did yesterday! Thanks for a great clean and all the extra work you did this time aro...

    RO SG, UT

  • Carly always does a great job, is pleasant, willing to do whatever needs to be done, asks for feedback to make sure everything is all right. I love having her come.

    CM SG, UT

  • Very professional and amiable. I've used cleaning services before and I can say hands down I've enjoyed Maid Pro above any other!!!

    KH Washington, UT

  • Wonderful

    LS St George, UT

  • My daughter uses Maidpro, ( now I do too!)

    SM Bloomington, UT

  • Carlee did an awesome job! I especially appreciate that my second set of sheets had been laundered! Thanks so much!

    SN St George, UT

  • Another perfect cleaning job by Samantha! Im always amazed at how much work she does in such a short period of time. She is very meticulous and hunts down every speck of dirt. She even threw me out of the house - something about being a dirty old man...

    RO St George, UT

  • The ladies are so professional, friendly & thorough!

    Washington, UT

  • V is awesome. Always pays attention to details. Love coming home to a clean house.

    EC Washington, UT

  • Service is prompt, thorough, and positive energy.

    C M St. George, UT

  • V is awesome. Always pays attention to details. Love coming home to a clean house.

    EC Washington, UT

  • Samantha left my home sparkling clean yesterday. In fact it might just be a tad too clean. You see she cleaned out the lumps of coal in the stockings over the fireplace! Oh well, I'm sure Santa will give me coal again next year. Merry Christmas to...

    RO St. George, UT

  • Carlee arrived on time, was very professional and did an excellent job. Thanks!

    JC Ivins, UT

  • At first I thought I had a smashingly clean home. Then I realized that I had a SAMashingly clean home! Thanks Sam! P.S. I gave my fridge a strict curfew so it should not be out partying and getting dirty like it did last time.

    RO St George, UT

  • They did a great job--thank you

    MT St George, UT

  • I love how clean my house smells when I get home. And my Pros are so good to my dogs. Sam even brings them treats!

    C N 84765, UT

  • Thank you! They were very detailed and did a very good job!

    J B 84790, UT

  • Our home was a pleasure to come back to after being cleaned by Maria y Maria!! ? Great job!

    S N St George, UT

  • They were very thorough, I couldn't be happier!

    H M 84780, UT

  • Our home was a pleasure to come back to after being cleaned by Maria y Maria!!

    S N St George, UT

  • Twas the night before Halloween and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. You see the mice were quite sad because there was nothing to eat Maidpro was here and the house was clean as a sheet! A big dumb lug was nestled...

    RO St George, UT

  • First cleaning was as expected and the girls were very friendly

    P.P. St George, UT

  • Nicole did very good work this week. The house looked good to me, but it only takes such a short time for me to get it all cluttered up again.THANK YOU, A

    A A St George, UT

  • They did an amazing job. Chrome fixtures in the master shower still had water spot stains on them, so we'll work on that next time but overall my house was emaculate..

    M M St George, UT

  • Thanks for getting all the dog hair off my furniture and floors. It must be shedding season.

    C N St George, UT

  • Wonderful experience . My house looks so clean! Looking forward to next time. Delightful and professional girls!

    A K Hurricane, UT

  • We really liked Maria, she was very efficient and detailed. It would be ideal if we could have her back each time, since we would prefer to have the same person each time. Thank you!

    S F Washington, UT

  • We really liked Maria, she was very efficient and detailed. It would be ideal if we could have her back each time, since we would prefer to have the same person each time. Thank you!

    SF Washington, UT

  • The service on 9/8/2015 either met or exceeded my expectations. Our home looked great, and the water, lights, and air conditioning was left in the manner that I requested.

    SN St George, UT

  • We have had a lot of other cleaners and they always want to just do surface clean.Loved the way we clean, and will continue monthly service!

    J D St George, UT

  • My fridge was covered in dirt so Sandra took to the job of making its doors all shiny and new. She did a great job - perhaps too good of a job. Now everytime I open the blinds my neighbors call to complain that the sunlight reflecting off the super s...

    R O St George, UT

  • Very pleased with my service today.

    N W St. George, UT

  • Great, as always!

    C N Santa Clara, UT

  • Very very good clean a lot better than my other cleaners! Thank you

    C S Santa Clara, UT

  • Fawn is great. Loves the way she cleans my house

    L S St. George,

  • Kelsi was kind and thorough. ..much appreciated

    L C Washington, UT

  • No sandy beaches here but I did have a Sandra beach day when she cleaned my home yesterday. She forgot to leave a little sand in the bathtub (and a Mai-Tai on the shelf) but otherwise the home was nice and clean! As always thanks for preventing my ho...

    R O St. George, UT


    PK Silver Reef, UT

  • I always enjoy seeing my great cleaning Pros -- S and S. They are always happy to be in my home and always do a great job.

    CN Santa Clara,

  • Although Kelsi didn't get down on one knee she still presented me with a sparkling diamond of a home when she cleaned it yesterday! I hope she returns next week - I do! I do! I do!

    RO St George, UT

  • I was impressed with the smell of the house and how clean the floors were. You did a great job!!

    SB St George, UT

  • I was really happy thank u so much so I want u to please come every Monday for the time I need!

    JB St George, UT

  • Absolute pristine perfection. Oh, I was talking about Kelsi. The house was pretty darn clean as well!

    RO St.George,

  • christine and Olga worked very hard in our new home. They were asked several times please do this or that and there answer was always no problem and continued working. Very well mannered and presentable. Would recommend these two young ladies to anyo...

    JG St. George,

  • christine and Olga worked very hard in our new home. They were asked several times please do this or that and there answer was always no problem and continued working. Very well mannered and presentable. Would recommend these two young ladies to anyo...

    JC Kayenta,

  • Friendly, efficient staff. Couldn't be more pleased!

    RG St. George, UT

  • They did such an incredible job on my house. (And it was a lot of work!) I even saw them scrubbing my doors. Such attention to detail must be applauded. Thank you for cleaning my house! With three kids and a husband it tends to get out of hand, so I'...

    LM St. George, UT

  • You guys are the best!!! Thank you for your "professional flexibility" as we worked through the construction cleanup. You are amazing!

    PW Central, UT

  • Fawn was my cleaning girl. She was very nice, cheerful, and pitched right in to clean my kitchen and bathroom. She did a great, thorough job. I am very pleased. My grandchildren's Christmas gift of a housecleaning service for me was a wonderful gift...

    DK Hurricane, UT

  • Sandra did a great job. We came home to a sparkling clean home, and I appreciate that she even folded my laundry that remained in the dryer. Many thanks!

    SD St. George, UT

  • M, B and trainee B were wonderful. Efficient, personable and so fast! I like having these gals in my home. Absolute delight!

    AH St. George,

  • I remember the days when I used to clean up after myself. When I checked the sink for that extra blob of toothpaste that was left behind, or a little extra backsplash on the bathroom mirror. I even checked the stove tops for spillover from my last co...

    RO St. George,

  • MaidPro did an excellent job cleaning. As always, I am very pleased with the cleaning provided by Maid Pro.

    J.C. Ivins, UT

  • I ADORE my Pros! I came home and just went Ahhhh!!! Thank you ladies for taking such good care of me.

    D.R Washington, UT

  • Thanks for making a special day for me today!

    N.W St. George, UT

  • I love it when a plan comes together and that is exactly what happened when the MaidPro team attacked dirt and grime in my home! The Pros continue to give my home TLC and treat it as if it was their own. They even handled my special requests without...

    R.O. St. George, UT

  • After they were done the house was like brand new! I've hired maids before and they don't compare. I was pleasantly surprised that they not only finished a little early, but they went the extra mile with things they didn't have to do so well (for exa...

    Bruce St. George, UT

  • Friendly, hard workers, thorough. Awesome! I will definitely recommend.

    Diane St. George, UT

  • Great Service! Best House Cleaning I've Ever Had. I will definitely recommend Maid Pro to my friends and family.

    JMG St. George, UT

  • The girls at Maid Pro did an excellent job at cleaning my house, as they always do. They went above and beyond what I needed done and it looked amazing! Thanks again Ladies!

    Mandy Washington, UT

  • Everything was beautiful. Thanks for a job well done!

    Claudia St. George, UT

  • This was great. Very professional and friendly.

    Angel St. George,

  • My Pro was a delight to have! She did a great job and everything looks and smells so CLEAN!

    Eileen Washington, UT

  • You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much! By the way - it is amazing when I come home and I can totally tell my Pro has been here. Maid Pro rocks!

    Kent and Carolyn St. George, UT

  • My Pro is great. She came to my assistance last November, when it was apparent that my elderly mother needed more assistance than she thought. She worked very hard to get the home clean and kept it clean. She was kind and considerate with my mother,...

    L.B. St. George, UT

  • I have had Maid Pro coming every 2 weeks for nearly 6 months. Every time they come, they do a wonderful job cleaning our home. We love it! Our Pro's always dazzle us. My floors are so clean; I want to dance a jig. I would recommend the service to any...

    Samantha St. George, UT

  • I love the way the house smells when they are finished. The ladies are always very nice and always do a great job!

    M.G. Santa Clara, UT

  • My wood floors have never been cleaned so well, they just shine. They did more than was expected and did an excellent job. The cleaning ladies were delightful. I will continue to use Maid Pro and will be referring you to my neighbors.

    Betty St. George, UT

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At MaidPro St. George, creating clean houses are our priority. We are located in St. George, UT and deliver personalized, precise services to Hurricane, Ivins, La Verkin, Saint George, Santa Clara, Virgin and Washington. Whether you want shiny floors in Washington or sparkling bathrooms in Hurricane, just call us for all your St. George area residential cleaning needs.

MaidPro St. George is especially proud of MaidPro’s 49-Point Checklist™ and value the chrome fixtures being cleaned and shined because it can really brighten a room—and a customer’s day! 

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At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.