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Customers love MaidPro Wicker Park

  • Very friendly and accommodating. She did a fantastic job cleaning my apartment.

    J.B. Chicago, IL

  • Much improved :)

    R.R. Chicago, IL

  • Brite did an amazing job today. Fantastic employee and great conversationalist. What a wonderful woman.

    S.C. Chicago, IL

  • Goes above and beyond, and we could never ask for anyone better!

    K.B. Chicago, IL

  • Both ladies were fabulous - great clean, great senses of humor, great experience. I love Maidpro!

    S.M. Chicago, IL

  • Great experience. She was the best professional

    E.R. Chicago, IL

  • Great experience.

    G.B. Chicago, IL

  • Elena did an OUTSTANDING job.

    J.R. Chicago, IL

  • Brite is always amazing - we are so lucky to have her helping us!

    K.B. Chicago, IL

  • The women who make to clean was very knowledgeable of what and how things needed to be done in cleaning the house. She was very nice and hard working we were extremely delighted with her work and the time it took her to clean the house she was thorou...

    V.C. Chicago, IL

  • Brite is the most consistent, detail oriented person I have ever used. She is so nice and professional. We always look forward to the days she comes.

    A.W. Chicago, IL

  • Elena did a great job! I was really impressed by how thorough she was. Nice Work!

    V.M. Chicago, IL

  • Monique is great!

    J.R. Chicago, IL

  • Sally did a great job. My apartment wasn't in the best of shape admittedly but she really did well. I will definitely use again and recommend.

    M.B. Chicago, IL

  • Brite did an amazing job again.

    R.L. Chicago, IL

  • Wonderful job!

    D.B. Chicago, IL

  • I love overtime my place is cleaned it feels like the first day I moved in. Monique is amazing and does a wonderful job. The young man who was with her today was polite, professional, and did an amazing job. Love it

    A.K. Chicago, IL

  • Paola is a rockstar - thank you so much!

    K.B. Chicago, IL

  • Great job, looks wonderful in my place! Can't wait for the next cleaning!

    C.B. Chicago, IL

  • Nice job on the cleaning today! The place looks fresh!

    V.M. Chicago, IL

  • My apartment is spotless! Thank you!

    S.M. Chicago, IL

  • I have been consistently thrilled with my cleans from Monique. She is thorough and does such a nice job. Thank you so much!

    E.M. Chicago, IL

  • Thelma was polite and punctual as always.

    D.P. Chicago, IL

  • Looking forward to our next clean with Desinee. She was wonderful! Thank you!

    A.T. Chicago, IL

  • I would like for Kiara to return monthly.

    G.T. Chicago, IL

  • The cleaners have been great.

    J.K. Chicago, IL

  • Thank you for accommodating my need to start a little earlier than usual!

    N.A. Chicago, IL

  • Jessica was great

    D.M. Chicago, IL

  • Carla did a fabulous job!

    E.M. Chicago, IL

  • Thank you soooo much! I need to find out how I can leave a tip!!

    M.M. Chicago, IL

  • Jessica did a fantastic job cleaning my home. I'm so glad I finally gave in and hired a cleaning service!

    J.R. Chicago, IL

  • Mattie did a great job! Everything was clean and smelled so good :)

    E.R. Chicago, IL

  • Carla knocked our socks off today with her cleaning. Wow!

    L.M. Chicago, IL

  • The girls did a fantastic job! Can't remember the last time my house looked this clean!

    S.K. Chicago, IL

  • Jessica did an excellent and thorough cleaning job.

    G.K. Chicago, IL

  • If I leave out Ajax cleaner can Jessica use it on the shower upstairs. It does a great job taking the stain off the bottom of the shower pan.

    J.C. Chicago, IL

  • Wonderful job thank you!!

    E.M. Chicago, IL

  • Kiara did an excellent job!!

    L.J. Chicago, IL

  • Jessica is great! Thanks

    D.M. Chicago, IL

  • My cleaner is amazing!

    K.B. Chicago, IL

  • Thank you and happy holidays!

    A.B. Chicago, IL

  • Best cleaning yet! Thank you!

    D.B. Chicago, IL

  • Kiara did an excellent job!!!

    L.J. Chicago, IL

  • I really like Monique so far! She is very detailed and has my house smelling so good.. She has a great personality and I enjoy her at my house!

    J.H. Chicago, IL

  • Associates were friendly, and did a great job!!

    K.G. Chicago, IL

  • Everything looked and smelled so good!!!

    E.R. Chicago, IL

  • Jo is great!! Had the chance to meet her, as well. Very personable, as well.

    R.W. Chicago, IL

  • We were very pleased with today's service. Thank you

    B.S. Chicago, IL

  • Very happy with the service, place looks really clean. The only reason i would hesitate to recommend is the price is a little steep.

    D.K. Chicago, IL

  • The cleaners were prompt, professional, and did a wonderful job!

    D.B. Chicago, IL

  • Karen did a wonderful job. The glass for the shower door could have been cleaned s bit better, but overall, I'm extremely happy with the result. Thank you so much. You guys do a fantastic job.

    T.D. Chicago, IL

  • Rachel did a good Job!!

    V.M. Chicago, IL

  • She did a great job today.

    P.K. Chicago, IL

  • Another great job by Ebony cleaning our apartment. She left one of her cleaning towels/rags behind, also did that the previous time she cleaned. Not a concern for me, but if she could please check to make sure she does not leave any behind next time...

    A.S. Chicago, IL

  • Rachel was great! She was friendly and trustworthy, and she also took the time to walk through the whole house with me to make sure that she was aware of what needed to be clean and made sure to let me know what products she was going to use to ensur...

    P.K. Chicago, IL

  • Thelma was wonderful! Thank you.

    T.K. Chicago, IL

  • As always, Sally did a wonderful job!

    K.M. Chicago, IL

  • Outstanding as usual...

    C.W. Chicago, IL

  • The person who came in did a really good Job. I would like to have that person do the cleaning from now on. Thank you

    V.M. Chicago, IL

  • Great job! Very detailed cleaning!

    J.P. Chicago, IL

  • Monique is wonderful!

    D.B. Chicago, IL

  • Very impressed with Jessica today. Thank you!

    D.M. Chicago, IL

  • We love Sally.

    J.J. Chicago, IL

  • Thelma was really professional and polite.

    C.L. Chicago, IL

  • Ebony was wonderful!

    S.M. Chicago, IL

  • Cleaners were pleasant and professional and did a wonderful job!

    D.B. Chicago, IL

  • Great job, thank you!

    A.B. Chicago, IL

  • Jessica was great! Thorough, efficient, and friendly! House looks great!!

    S.C. Chicago, IL

  • Great job today!

    R.W. Chicago, IL

  • Very accommodating and stays focused!!! She tries hard and it showed. Minor problems about arrival and what to do, and what you do not do, 1st time learning experience. Would love to have Sally come again.

    F.N. Chicago, IL

  • Crystal is a wonder woman! She showed up early, was incredibly professional, did such a great job, and even gave me tips on how to remove grease in the future. I will be a returning customer many times over and I will definitely recommend your servic...

    J.H. Chicago, IL

  • Jocelyn did a great job but please add a note to my account to be sure that the bathroom door doesn't accidentally stay closed after the Pro is finished in there. My poor cat couldn't get to his litter box all day because the door was shut. Luckily I...

    R.W. Chicago, IL

  • Thelma did a great job!

    L.A. Chicago, IL

  • The first thing I looked at when I got home was the ceiling fan and it wasn't clean so I was disappointed to say the least. However, overall I was very happy with the cleaning. There were a couple of places that weren't dusted in addition to the ceil...

    J.W. Chicago, IL

  • Contessa was awesome. Would love to have her every time!

    V.T. Chicago, IL

  • Pat did a great job as always.

    M.B. Chicago, IL

  • It was good. Thank you

    K.M. Chicago, IL

  • Monique always does an awesome job. :)

    E.M. Chicago, IL

  • Missed some things, but think Sally is a perfectionist, so we miss her :)

    K.G. Chicago, IL

  • I thought this week she got the areas that usually aren't cleaned. Under the couch and the edges in the bathroom. This week's cleaning was one of the best so far.

    P.G. Chicago, IL

  • Phenomenal cleaning service! I would highly recommend them.

    P.N. Chicago, IL

  • Very Efficient and Thorough Cleaning

    D.G. Chicago, IL

  • We really enjoyed our service - the women who came was so nice, trusting, and kind. We really felt good having her in our home and she did a great job.

    P.K. Chicago, IL

  • Great job as always...

    C.W. Chicago, IL

  • Sally and Contessa are fantastic! They are both professional and personable. It's comforting to know that I can (and do) fully trust these women with my home--with its cleanliness and security. I also want to give a shout out to Vicki, who, with an i...

    K.M. Chicago, IL

  • Jo is the best!

    J.M. Chicago, IL

  • Great job. I think the floors were really good

    J.C. Chicago, IL

  • Just one note - I got a message from my condo association that my trash may have been left in the trash chute room instead of actually put into the trash chute. If we could just note that trash always needs to be put in the chute as a reminder, that...

    A.B. Wicker Park, IL

  • Nancy is great!

    J.D. Wicker Park, IL

  • Great job! For our next cleaning...back to normal for twice per month...can we switch to Mondays at about 11AM?

    J.J. Chicago, IL

  • Sally is great! Please send her again!

    J.J. Chicago, IL

  • Sally does a great job!

    L.A. Chicago, IL

  • Love Sally!

    K.G. Chicago, IL

  • Hi Vicki, Just wanted to let you know that there were a few dust bunnies that didn't get vacuumed up in the bedroom. The rest was fine. Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving!

    B.B. Chicago, IL

  • Excellent excellent excellent

    K.L. Chicago, IL

  • Just a few lingering dust bunnies, but everything was mostly perfect. Thanks.

    L.W. Chicago, IL

  • A very good crew of 2 did an excellent job on my home this weekend. They were careful and hard working. I enjoyed talking with them and felt they were extremely professional.

    F.P. Chicago, IL

  • Bathrooms looked great! Floors looked great!

    L.A. Chicago, IL

  • Monique is very hard working & fast always asks everything is satisfactory in their cleaning.

    A.W. Chicago, IL

  • They did a really great job - thanks!

    I.A. Chicago, IL

  • Pernita is great! Thanks for changing our schedule for this week. We appreciate it.

    C.M. West Loop, IL

  • today's clean was excellent! really nice work.

    S.W. Wicker Park, IL

  • Vicki has been so incredibly accommodating during our move process. She's saved our lives three times in three months! We wouldn't have made it to the closing without her and her team. Our first two services were spectacular. The house was sparkling...

    L.S. Wicker Park, IL

  • The special request was handled wonderfully, and the place was spotless. Thanks for another great clean!

    L.W. Lincoln Park, IL

  • Overall, our place was very clean and we are happy with the cleaning.

    J.B. Wicker Park, IL

  • Perlite was great!

    L.A. Bucktown, IL

  • Jo did a fabulous job as usual. She is so thoughtful!

    L.S. Bucktown, IL

  • She was great and very kind to my wife! Thanks!

    C.M. West Loop, IL

  • Sally was very nice and very diligent! She is welcome to come back in 2 weeks.

    L.A. Bucktown, IL

  • Great job this week.

    J.C. Lincoln Park, IL

  • Did a great job on our bathrooms and took direction really well in terms of areas we wanted to focus on and those we didn't care so much about. She was also very quick but thorough. Thanks!

    P.R. Bucktown, IL

  • They were wonderful! I can't wait for them to come back in two weeks! Thank you for the awesome service!

    S.D. Wicker Park, IL

  • Great job! Everything looked great!

    G.K. Wicker Park, IL

  • Monique is the BEST! Always does an amazing job.

    K.J. Wicker Park, IL

  • Jo did an excellent job! Please give her a $10.00 gift and charge it to the card on file.

    J.M. South Loop, IL

  • Everything was great! Thelma was once again very thorough and I look forward to having her back.

    L.W. Lincoln Park, IL

  • As always, Jacqueline does an outstanding job of cleaning my condo - THANK YOU, Jackie!

    I.W. Chicago, IL

  • Jacqueline did an awesome job! Thank you so much!

    H.D. Chicago, IL

  • Perfect as always. Thanks!

    C.M. Chicago, IL

  • Just so you know, listening and watching Jonita work with someone in training, she did a very good job explaining each step, why it was important, why the order of events was important. All the while being very patient and closely monitoring without...

    C.W. Bucktown area, IL

  • Our home has never been more clean. The care and detail that our two maids put in to cleaning our home was above and beyond my expectation.

    B.G. South Loop, IL

  • Desarae did a great job, and I was very impressed & happy when I walked in my apartment! Keep up the great work.

    A.B. South Loop, IL

  • They were great, if possible for the weekly I'd love to rotate between the two- I really liked them both a lot and they were very comfortable with my animals which is very important to me! Thank you!

    C.K. Bucktown, IL

  • Jacqueline did my cleaning today. Jacqueline was great. She did an excellent job.....very pleased with Jacqueline's work!

    I.W. Chicago, IL

  • Deseree was great! She did a very through job and pointed out things I wasn't even planning on getting cleaned. She worked quickly and efficiently.

    P.K. Bucktown, IL

  • Deserae is great as always. Goes the extra mile and kind and considerate. My wife loves her.

    C.M. Chicago, IL

  • Great cleaning this week. They even took out the recycling and I didn't have to leave it out where they could see it. Thanks!

    K.B. Wicker Park, IL

  • Cleaning was great and she made sure I was happy with everything before she left.

    J.B. Wicker Park, IL

  • My cleaning was amazing! I jumped up and down when i came home from work to see my sparkly kitchen and beaming floors!! The lady I had was fantastic! I posted on FB right away, "I <3 MY CLEANING SERVICE!!!" Thank you so much for being an amazing serv...

    S.K. Wicker Park, IL

  • Latisha did a wonderful job. She was professional and friendly. My place looked like it did when I moved in.

    A.K. Chicago, IL

  • Thelma did a very thorough job, and I'm extremely happy with my clean. She even cleaned my coffee maker! I would love to have her back if possible.

    L.W. Chicago, IL

  • We're had a great experience so far! The apartment looks fabulous, great customer service. Very pleased.

    M.P. Chicago, IL

  • We really loved the way Leticia Cleaned the house she was very thorough, and she did a great job cleaning our house, we will like to know if we can please keep Leticia on our cleaning schedule ? Thank you so much for a job well done, and hope you sch...

    J.R. Chicago 60613, IL

  • I am not easily thrilled, but do feel highly satisfied.

    G.K. chicago 60614, IL

  • Sally was great! Can she be our maid service provider every time? We are moving to a new place. Yesterday was the last time at the address above.

    J.J. Chicago 60606, IL

  • Great job - very thorough.

    R.W. Chicago, IL

  • Very satisfied. Am happy I switched to Maid Pro

    M.M. West Loop, IL

  • As usual... Jonita did really good.... Thx

    C.W. Bucktown, IL

  • Great work! We're so happy we're using maid pro. Thank you!!

    K.G. Bucktown, IL

  • Thelma did a great job! Glad to have her back!

    I.C. Chicago, IL

  • Regina was wonderful, She was on time and got down to business right away. She walked through the house with me and any problem spots I had, that I pointed out, she addressed thoughtfully. She was wonderful with the puppy and worked quickly, quietly...

    P.R. Chicago, IL

  • She did a great job!

    K.K. Chicago, IL

  • Keep up the good work, thanks!

    J.H. Chicago, IL

  • I love having Monique clean my place. I can go to work and come home and it looks brand new. She does an amazing job, very friendly, and extreamly trustworthy. I wouldn't want anyone else to clean my place.

    A.K. Chicago, IL

  • Oh My Gosh - how exciting it was to walk into a perfectly clean apartment!! The lady that came did the most amazing job, I was honestly so shocked!! It couldn't have come at a better time and I'm very very happy with the cleaning I received yesterday...

    S.K. Wicker Park, Chicago, IL

  • Things have gone great so far! Love the service!

    A.R. Chicago 60657, IL

  • she did her normal great job...

    C.W. Bucktown, Chicago, IL

  • Everything was great. Monique did a super job. Thanks!!

    A.B. Wicker Park, Chicago, IL

  • amazingly great job.

    S.S. South Loop, Chicago, IL

  • Jo did a FANTASTIC job!

    C.P. Chicago, IL, IL

  • "Alexandria did a good job."

    J.J. Chicago, IL

  • "Thelma was awesome. Place looked great and she was delightful. Also you won't be surprised but she found $30 and left it for us along with the service record--honest and trustworthy--again no surprise."

    J.K. Chicago, IL

  • "Jessica was extraordinary during this week's clean! You could really tell that she spent a lot of time making sure that our place looks great!"

    C.B. Chicago, IL

  • "Nope, same great service as always. Jennifer is great!"

    D.L. Chicago, IL

  • "Leanne "Lee" was extraordinarily thorough...she did a fantastic job"

    K.S. Chicago, IL

  • Jennifer did and AMAZING job!

    S.W. Humboldt Park, chicago, IL

  • Loved that she vacuumed and mopped under all rugs and cleaned behind everything!

    D.W. River North, Chicago, IL

  • My clean was wonderful!

    J.M. Printers Row, Chicago, IL

  • We somehow tripped a breaker so she was partially working in the dark Great job!

    C.W. Logan Square, Chicago, IL

  • On time, efficient, and thorough!

    G.K. Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

  • I dont know how she got my bathroom so clean!

    T.Z. West Town, Chicago, IL

  • The cleaning was AMAZING!

    S.K. Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL

  • Everything looked great-Thanks!

    J.S. Edgewater, Chicago, IL

  • "I have tried many cleaning services before, but MaidPro is by far the best. My house never looked so good."

    A.S. Wicker Park, Chicago, IL

  • "Thank you MaidPro! My house is sparkling. I'm considering locking my family out so they don't dirty it up again."

    L.M. Bucktown, Chicago, IL

  • "You guys are awesome. You are single-handedly winning the battle against the pet hair in my house!"

    K.M. Wicker Park, Chicago, IL

  • "MaidPro, I love you. You have given my family our weekends back. Thank you!"

    A.L. West Loop, Chicago, IL

  • "Our house hasn't been this clean since the day we moved in. You guys are the best."

    D.L. Bucktown, Chicago, IL

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In business since 2005, MaidPro of Wicker Park is owned by Phil Korte, who opened his own MaidPro with the desire to work for himself and provide a service to the Chicago community. He values MaidPro’s 49-Point Checklist™ because it accommodates all the various needs of his customers. Phil enjoys the diversity of life in Chicago, as well as its lovely people. He’s on a mission to spread happiness, one clean house at a time.

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At MaidPro Wicker Park, creating clean houses are our priority. We are located in Wicker Park, and deliver personalized, precise Chicago house cleaning services and the surrounding areas such as Edgewater and Lake View.

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At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

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We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.